News and Analysis (12/12/19)

December 12th, 2019

“Both women were co-defendants in the prosecution of … a renowned … stem-cell researcher who was arrested last year in the U.S. on charges of arranging the export of human growth factors to” Iran:

A new defense policy drops “a  bipartisan provision requiring the president to get explicit congressional authorization for military action against Tehran”:

UN’s Secretary-General is unable to confirm Saudi claim that Iran is behind the attack on key Saudi’s oil facilities in September:

Regardless of the fact that Islam exhibits a unique religious unity, Islam is practiced around the world with its specific culture, and college offerings ignore this huge global cultural diversity:

A new investigation revealed how elite American intelligence helped Gulf country to spy beyond suspected extremists to include human right activists, journalists, and FIFA personnel:

Muslim advocates warns Mark Zuckerberg about amplified anti-Muslim hate on Facebook:

Gehad El Haddad further remains subjected to extreme conditions after his acquittal and declared innocent by Egyptian court said his family:

The prospect of an Israeli-U.S. defense pact is outrageous especially given that “Israel is one of the most aggressive nations on earth” having aggressed against its neighbors as well as the Palestinians:

Nike vice president Martha Moore started a new and lucrative line of modest swimwear for Muslim women:

News and Analysis (12/9/19)

December 9th, 2019

“[R]egarding exchanges we are ready to act but there are no negotiations” — Iranian spokesman Ali Rabiei:

“A bill establishing a religious test for immigration to India is expected to pass Parliament, a major step for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu-nationalist agenda” …

… and it lacks even a single mention of India’s largest minority:

The efforts of Luxembourg’s FM “come in the context of a relative diplomatic vacuum regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as well as concerns within the EU about the Trump administration’s policies:

Iran plans for a new generation of domestically manufactured centrifuges …

… and former US defense secretaries say that in order to contain a nuclear-armed Iran, the administration needs to get back to the negotiating table …

… and experts “attribute … the marginalization of moderates … and a concurrent rise of anti-American hardliners … [to] Trump’s decision to leave the nuclear deal”:

A Muslim molecular biologist sets the record straight on Islam and evolution:

Israel’s “Supreme Court outlawed torture in 1999 but it allowed use of physical pressure in some cases of exceptional methods in interrogation. But critics say some of these measures amount to torture”:

“A mysterious Israeli-based group uses 21 Facebook pages to churn out more than a thousand coordinated fake news posts per week to more than a million followers around the world”:

As the Israeli oppression of the Palestinians continues with U.S. support, academics must articulate how they would support Palestinian resistance to Israeli apartheid:

In a move to save the two-states solution, the House of Representatives on Friday voted 226-183 to approve the resolution:

News and Analysis (12/7/19)

December 7th, 2019

Duaa 17, a student at Oshkosh High School, terrified and crying like the rest of her classmates after stabbing and shooting, led 100 students to seek refuge in her nearby mosque:

Realizing the prospect of a catastrophic war between the world’s top oil-exporting countries, Gulf states are their foreign policy with Iran …

… and U.S. economic sanctions towards Iran used to promote Trump’s foreign policy objective are not succeeding in achieving Trump’s foreign policy goals …

… to the contrary by pressuring Russia to cancel its plans to convert the Fordow nuclear facility for medical purposes, the U.S. leaves Iran the option to use them for other purposes:

An elderly man explained to the angry mob “that destroying the temple to avenge the Babri Mosque would be against the injunctions of Islam” and contradicts he policies of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh):

Scholars are concerned that by conflating two different things undermines the fight against actual anti-Semitism and ” obscures and denies” the existence of Israeli Muslims and Christians:

Palestinian officials take exception to ICC chief prosecutor’s assertion that “stipends to the families of those killed or imprisoned as a result of the Israel-Palestine conflict could constitute a war crime”:

“A North Carolina man has been convicted of a charge he anonymously threatened to lynch a Muslim-American man who ran for a state Senate seat in Virginia”:

Turkey’s president explained that the negative media portrayal of Islam and the rise far-right appear to be in line with rising anti-Semitism and hate- crime in Europe:

“American officials said that Mr. Soleimani’s release was a low price to pay for Mr. Wang’s freedom because Mr. Soleimani was expected to be released from prison as early as next month under a plea agreement”:

The similarities between “India’s increased oppression of the people of Kashmir” and “Israel’s decades-long, brutal oppression of the Palestinians” are openly embraced by the Indian government”:

News and Analysis (12/4/19)

December 4th, 2019

When U.S. politicians go out of control for political gain: Stella, the Republican challenger to Ilham Omar didn’t hesitate to give falls allegations and suggest Omar should be hanged:

The Uighur bill which was passed as 407-1 required to condemn the abuse against Muslims, still awaits President’s signature:

“[F]or more than a decade … the status-quo in Kashmir largely worked in India’s favour. … With the detention of the leaders, things have changed” …

… India’s shut down of “Kashmir’s internet services … suggests that the Kashmiris who’ve been disappearing from their WhatsApp groups this week did not do so on their own”:

“Religious and Islamic clemency should be shown and those innocent people who protested against petrol price hikes and were not armed … should be released”:

“Grossi has said he will be ‘firm but fair’ on inspections generally, including in Iran, … [and that] he is satisfied with the work the IAEA’s inspections team has been doing”:

Ignoring market realities, the IRGC export as much as “they could, based on demand figures that were out of date, hence the discrepancy, hence the price hikes, hence the protests” …

… yet, people in Iran still live normal life:

In an anti-Muslim bias incident an Indiana man caused property damage, made violent threats to a Muslim man, and threatened to kill a bystander:

The Israeli demolition of private homes “has skyrocketed in Jerusalem over the last year, leaving around a third of the city’s Palestinian population venerable to demolition … [in] violation of the Geneva convention“:

News and Analysis (12/1/19)

December 1st, 2019

When younger she sought to reassure other Americas that she was a “safe” (i.e., non-practicing) Muslim. Now she let’s them know that she prays, tries to fast, and longs to make the pilgrimage to Mecca:

Gen. Halevi’s remark that killed nine sleeping Palestinian family members by indiscriminately bombing a shack as “such things happen” exhibits a loss of humanity and can be investigated under war crime …

… as does an Israeli soldier being sentenced to only one month’s community service for killing 16-year old Palestinian and wounded five others:

After two months of anti-government protests and the announcement of the Prime Minister’s resignation, top leaders warn of no end to chaos:

LGBTQI Muslims “don’t insist that everyone accepts … that Allah loves … [their] LGBTQI identities…. [They] do insist on … the right to live in peace, and to be afforded basic decency, courtesy, respect and consideration”:

In their effort to save the Iran nuclear deal, six European nations are in the process to join INSTEX payment mechanism that would enable companies to trade with Iran without using U.S. dollars or U.S. banks:

“In Islam, a woman’s money belongs only to her while a man is obligated to spend on his wife and children” but some modern practices make that difficult, the most unnecessary of which is that of expensive weddings”:

“The current speaker of parliament, Ali Larijani, who played a major role in the government increasing energy prices [that sparked recent unrest], has said he will not run in the election”:

Both protests and police response were initially peaceful until “youth … full of rage … took things to another level. Things started to escalate when the police started to beat people up”:

News and Analysis (11/28/19)

November 28th, 2019

Modeled on the Zionist project a “chilling video” advocates creating “an idyllic home for Kashmiri Pandits based on ugly and violent exclusions” that ignore “Kashmir’s plural cultures and histories”:

The Saudis have expressed “respect” for Xi Jinping, Egypt allowed Chinese police to “interrogate Uighur exiles on its soil” and Pakistan, though quick to speak out on the Rohingya and Kashmir, “has been silent” …

… but a Muslim-American group is calling for a boycott of the Olympics in China over the oppression of the Uighers:

Iran “estimated as many as 200,000 people took part in the demonstrations, higher than previous claims … [and] damaged more than 50 police stations, as well as 34 ambulances, 731 banks and 70 gas stations in the country”:

Just months after a billionaire donor to their cause “made a surprise public appearance in New York at the annual conference of United Against Nuclear Iran”, … several Iranian environmentalists were … behind bars”:

While U.S. is concerned over military escalation between Israel and Iran, Israel is worried by America’s desire to avoid being dragged into a regional war:

Would accepting that a two state solution is unattainable bring “a gestalt shift … about demography, … settlements, … Jerusalem, … U.S. foreign policy, and, … about Israel as a ‘Jewish,’ as opposed to a truly democratic, state” …

… “[U]nconditional support from the United States [is] a ‘key factor in prolonging the conflict,” facilitated by “the U.S mainstream media, which . . . favors the Israeli narrative over those of Palestinians”:

Kenneth Roth was attacked for daring to note that unlike the Saudi attacks on Yemen, the attacks on the Saudi oil fields “avoided hitting civilians”:

Tories split over the party’s insults to of Muslims:

Activists “say they want to empower women to denounce acts of discrimination that may be caused by misinterpretations of the law”:

News and Analysis (11/25/19)

November 25th, 2019

Domestic Violence “isn’t more or less prevalent in the Muslim community” but Muslim survivors “have talked about being perpetually revictimized when they are going out to shelters”:

Jahangiri said the protesters have been pushed into violence by foreign enemies:

Internet has been partially restored in Iran after week-long shutdown over protests, the group NetBlocks said Saturday:

Pompeo’s acceptance of settlements buys into the Israeli “veneer of legality while producing a violence that ‘shed[s] every relation to law“:

The Jewish man thanked the Muslim woman saying that “without her intervention and distraction … [the anti-Semitge’s] abuse … could have escalated to physical violence”:

Omar Shakir says that Israel’s “efforts to muzzle Human Rights Watch” have “exactly the opposite effect. The world has seen through this for what it is. It’s an attack on the human rights movement” …

… In their battle for existence, all Palestinian factions will actively protest this week in “rejection of the Israeli-American settlement enterprise that aim to eliminate the Palestinian cause”:

“In India, Muslims are watching the secular democratic principles of their country crumble”:

“It remains unclear how and if the money will be paid. It could come from the United States Victims of State Sponsored Terrorism Fund”:

China’s government calls the documents “fake news”:

News and Analysis (11/23/19)

November 23rd, 2019

As “a brief semblance of normalcy” appears to have ended in Kashmir…

… “Afghan public opinion is generally hostile to Pakistan, the position on Kashmir is … changing and not entirely favorable to New Delhi”…

The UK Permanent Representative to the UN, stressed that UK position on settlement has not changed: They are illegal under international law and present an obstacle to peace and the viability of two-state solution …

… but notwithstanding the EU statement on the illegality of the settlements, past experience suggests the aggression will continue if the law is not enforced, nor will the Palestinians cease to resist

India was among 166 nations that endorsed Palestinian “right to self-determination”, sticking to its stance towards the Palestinian cause:

Right-wing Hindu students object to a Muslim teaching Sanskrit ancient classical language of Hinduism:

“Banks and petrol stations were set ablaze as protests spread across the country and demonstrators clashed with security forces” …

… Iran’s response of shutting down the Internet has precedents in Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan, while laws to do the same have been passed in Russia but failed in the U.S.:

“There is no evidence … that … financial stress is forcing Iran to change its regional behavior”:

“A Muslim woman has been hailed as “incredibly brave” after she confronted a man over his antisemitic rant at a Jewish father and son on the Tube” …

… but, absent violence, police declined to call a woman’s berating a Muslim women for wearing ahead scarf a hate crime, only citing her for disturbing the public …

… and “a heavily pregnant Muslim woman who was repeatedly punched and stomped on during a suspected racially motivated attack in a western Sydney cafe” …

… while the French Conservative Party favors banning the veil in public:

News and Analysis (11/20/19)

November 20th, 2019

Palestinian and Israeli residents of the West Bank say the announcement of Pompeo that the United States no longer view the settlement of the West Bank illegal does nothing to change their insecurities …

… but an international backlash may have begun:

What lessons have the current anti-government protests in the Middle East, that are different and with distinct causes, learned from the 2011 Arab Revolt?

“[T]the concern isn’t merely that Iranians might communicate with one another, but also that they might communicate with the outside world and tell people what’s happening”:

Muslims make up 200 million of the total Indian population:

The Lancet refused to bow to pressure from Indian propagandists opposed to its article on the health consequences on “the suffering of civilians caught between militants and tens of thousands of Indian troops” …

… and the police “cited an ‘inappropriate post’ in which the assistant professor, whose husband is a journalist based in Kashmir, referred to the communication blackout in the Valley”:

If true, the use of live ammunition “would suggest that it is not simply the immediate trigger to the protest which was a rise in fuel prices, but…much deeper-seated problems persisting in the country”:

News and Analysis (11/18/19)

November 18th, 2019

Modi “seeks to provide citizenship to Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis or Christians from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Muslims are excluded from the list”:

“Opposition had told PM Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah that the Kashmir situation … and other issues need to be discussed in the Parliament” …

… and critics say the government’s policy has cost apple farmers to lose 70%:

“The All India Muslim Personal Law Board … will file a review petition within 30 days against the Supreme Court’s verdict on the Ramjanmabhoomi-Babri Masjid title suit” …

… while the leader of a Muslim group satisfied with the Supreme Court’s decision is also a senior spokesperson of the Hindu nationalist ruling party:

Buses transporting Muslim minorities whose voices seen as crucial for the tight presidential contest of Sri Lanka’ election have been attacked by gunfire:

Propagandists warn students that “spreading rumors” about their family members’ incarceration will only lengthen their detention …

… according to leaked Chinese ruling party documents:

“My apologies if in my haste to reach out I created a false impression that any investigation had reached definitive conclusions” that this was not a hate crime:

“There are 31 marginal seats where the Muslim electorate outnumbers the sitting member of parliament’s (MP’s) majority” …

… while in the U.S. Muslims are winning political office despite the hatred on social media:

Gasoline is only fifty cents a gallon in Iran, but a 50% price hike in one fell swoop has set off widespread demonstrations:

Parallel to the U.S. war on ISIS, Iran was clandestinely “spying on ISIS gatherings, providing covert aid to its enemies, and working to break its alliances with other insurgent factions”: