News and Analysis (6/21/17)

June 21st, 2017

Although Israel continues to build new settlement illegally and clearly violate international law, the U.S. stands by them:

New researcher find what we’ve all already known, Muslims are in fact the most likely victims of terrorism worldwide:

US media selectively and misleadingly contrast the most misogynistic Muslim countries against the most egalitarian Western countries:

A  Qatari human rights activist says the Saudis are giving Qatari citizens fourteen days to leave the country, separating mothers from their children …

… and despite Trump’s backing Saudi claims that Qatar is a supporter and funder of terrorists, Defense Secretary James Mattis agreed to sell them 36 F-15 fighter planes …

… and the paucity of evidence behind claims against Qatar has the U.S.  Department of State demanding more details:

After risking his life to interpret for the U.S. military he expected help finding a job:

Charles met with the imam who protected the alleged attacker from “a crowd was about to descend on him” and obtained medical care for him and for the victims:

Nabra’s Christian friend who joined her fasting with her for Ramadan now joined the throngs mourning at her funeral:

News and Analysis (6/20/17)

June 20th, 2017

Westerners have selective memories that forget the far more frequent terrorism of non-Muslims (and anti-Islamist Muslims):

Sen. Rand Paul says the other senators are “more concerned about the jobs the weapons manufacturers could generate than the lives of Yemeni children”:

In defiance to international law, Israel PM calls it an “honor” to illegally began building in the occupied West Bank:

Virginia police think Torres was motivated by road rage rather than religious hatred after one of the teens [he confronted] allegedly threw a drink at Torres’ vehicle”:

Robert Doggart was finally sentenced to 20 years for trying to find people online to help burn down his local mosque:

Quick to rant on Twitter over crimes by Muslims, the President has yet to make comments on the young Muslim girl who was killed near his present residence:

US Ambassador to Qatar tweets that the nation President Trump calls “a funder of terrorism at a very high level” is a strong partner in combating terrorism:

News and Analysis (6/19/17)

June 19th, 2017

“Washington said the jet had dropped bombs near US-backed forces but Damascus said the plane was downed while flying a mission against Isis militants”:

Islamic Finance Industry shaken after the UAE claimed Dana Gas Sukuk were non-compliant with Sharia Law, forcing the company to claim $700 million in debt invalid:

In England a man ran over the sidewalk to deliberately hit congregants leaving prayers …

… and in Virginia, a group of Muslim girls walking to breakfast after prayers were suddenly attacked, leaving one dead:

She came “to Cannes from New York to judge female-empowerment advertising” but instead was demeaned and harassed by a French bureaucrat:

Allies since 2014, Turkey not only provides humanitarian relief to Qatar, but is sending troops and establishing a Turkish base there (and vice versa):

A Minnesota women describes having to constantly look over her shoulder out of fear, and others abandon their headscarf because it makes them a more identifiable target:

Taliban loyal Afghan soldiers responsible for the recent “insider” attacks on U.S. military soldiers

News and Analysis (6/17/17)

June 17th, 2017

Yet another Afghan “insider attack” occurs in the face of more U.S. troops being sent to train Afghan soldiers   …

… and an Afghan lawmaker warns, “The security situation continues to deteriorate in Afghanistan and the foreign troops who are here are not making it better”:

“[T]o the extent US officials have shown interest in supporting ‘elements’ in Iran at all, it’s groups with long-standing links to terrorism like the Mujahedin-e Khalq”:

Visitors beware! Under the new Texas law a noise complaint can now turn into an immigration status “interrogation and potentially an illegal arrest”:

Although Abdi “has no criminal record, though his travel has been monitored and restricted in the past” and he may have been added to the no-fly list while out of the U.S.:

As 26 others were reported killed by insurgents professing loyalty to Daesh, three Christians were saved by a “prominent Muslim trader” who hid them in his basement:

At its inauguration Germany’s first “feminist mosque” attracted “more journalists that worshipers”:

News and Analysis (6/15/17)

June 15th, 2017

An airline tells an American citizen that “he couldn’t board because the U.S. wouldn’t accept him” …

… while Trump deports Christians back to Iraq to face religious persecution, if not a death:

The Muslim ban is the first strike towards the militant whitening of America:

The White House Iftar has become the country’s most important public gathering of Muslim and non-Muslim voices. Will Trump break this 21 long year tradition?

Some evidence suggests that the attitudes of Americans toward Islam and Muslims improved overall precisely because of the unpopular President’s opposing view:

Study shows about a quarter of Americans believe in Muslim stereotypes and Muslim American men and women experience heightened surveillance, especially in airports:

Muslim terrorism was never about furthering Islam, but most terrorists today are troubled, isolated, violent young men intent on making themselves matter:

A former Congressional candidate … has been sentenced to nearly 20 years in prison for plotting to burn down a mosque, a school and a cafeteria in upstate New York”:

“[M]y family did not come with the first wave of European pilgrims. But, just like them, we also made the journey in search of the American dream”:

Judgmental comments from self-righteous Muslims turned her into an agnostic, but then God sent her an angel on Tumblr:

News and Analysis (6/14/17)

June 14th, 2017

While Iranian women demonstrate for the right to bare their hair …

… Norway takes the choice of face veils away from women, offering instead fines for public wear, or expulsion from universities:

With the public siding with the antifa (anti-fascists–by 20-1 in Santa Clara), the police had to escort the white supremacists out when they decided it was time to go:

A billboard meant to divide, instead unites rabbis, ministers, Sikhs, and Islamic Leaders to condemn propaganda smearing Prophet Mohammed (pbuh):

Potential governor alienates more than 100,000 Muslims in Georgia by associating himself with Anti-Muslim Militia

Qatar favors the Muslim Brotherhood’s Progressive Islamism and slightly democratic ways, threatening the autocratic rulers of Saudi Arabia …

… who now threaten to deny pilgrimage obligation to those who won’t help it punish Qatar. Some countries give into the pressure, while others resist:

Court finds the ban not only unconstitutional, but a violation of immigration law that is “steeped in animus and directed at a single religious group” rather than serving national security:

US says Syria is the primary perpetrator of egregious human rights violations and fails to mention that they have killed hundreds of Syrian civilians in excessive US air strikes:

Qatari Foreign Minister “still had no clue” why Arab states had cut ties and Turkey agrees the Gulf and other Arab states are acting unreasonably:

Does the U.S. really want to align itself with Egypt, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria on this issue?

News and Analysis (6/11/17)

June 11th, 2017

As Trump repeats Saudi lies that Qatar funds terrorism, the Saudis and other Gulf states ignore Tillerson’s pleas to dial back the crisis …

… and Kuwait seeks to mediate …

… analyst Abdullah Al-Arian opines that the battle has “little to do with fighting ‘terrorism’ and everything to do with barring all forms of dissent” …

… making for what Prof. Edward Moad calls:

For the Outreach Director of the Falls Church mosque, the senior imam’s unIslamic assertion that FGM is “a way to avoid “hyper-sexuality” was the last straw:

“Both gatherings were peaceful until anti-sharia protesters, a few of whom wore camouflage and helmets, exited the Capitol and exchanged angry words with the counterprotesters” …

… “What the anti-Shariah law protesters didn’t understand about Islam … [is] that Muslims aren’t ‘allowed to govern other people by our religion'” …

… and protesters responding to the hate group’s call found themselves outnumbered 10-1 by counter-demonstrators some of whom carried a “Fascists out of NYC” banner:

“Opposition parties have alleged the crackdown in the name of religion is mainly aimed at silencing political dissent and … [calls] for accountability of the country’s powerful military”:

“[I]t’s only in the last 70 years that Islamic terrorism emerged as a problem … leaving some 1400 years of religious tolerance that usually outdid Christianity”:

“The Muslim lady holding her hand and supporting her for 20 minutes till the ambulance … arrive[d] … is the real Islam, the media won’t show the real Muslims only shows fake ones”:

A Dangerous Moment in U.S. Middle East Relations

June 11th, 2017

This is an extremely crucial and dangerous moment.

If the U.S. follows Trump in siding with Saudi Arabia, we will be effectively supporting ISIS, and potentially creating an ISIS more powerful than any country in the Middle East.

Here is why.

The Saudi interpretation of Islam is the root source of ISIS’s. ISIS might look like Saudi Arabia if had more oil and an alliance with America. Consider what the Sauids already get away with given their oil wealth. Imagine what they could do, if they also had control of Qatar’s natural gas reserve, the single largest in the world…

Yes, yes. The Saudis and Trump say they are blockading Qatar to fight ‘terrorists’, but the real ‘terrorists’ they are fighting are these three things:

1) The democratic aspirations of the region that brought the Arab Spring, which the Saudis and UAE brutally crushed.

– Like ISIS, the Saudis claim democracy is against Islam. In contrast, the list of ‘terrorists’ they are demanding Qatar to hand over, are advocates of democracy (including both “Islamists” like the Muslim Brotherhood, and secularists). Qatar does not push just one line, but believes in open dialogue. That is why they started Al Jazeera – the first free and open news channel in the Arab world – and that is why the first demand of the Saudis is to shut it down.

2) Iran, against whom they have stoked the same kind of anti-Shia sectarian hate that ISIS uses to justify its atrocities, and against whom ISIS recently launched terrorist attacks. Qatar has a significant Shia population that are intermarried with the Sunnis, and they put a high value on coexistence. When the Saudis accuse Qatar of ‘siding with’ Iran and demand them to ‘take a side’, they are demanding that Qatar take the same hard line, anti-Shia stance that the Saudis share with ISIS.

3) Lastly they are fighting their own people, who are suffering under the economic calamity that comes from the mismanagement and corruption typical of unaccountable regimes like the Saudis. That is why they want to control Qatar’s media.

That is also why I worry that they aim to get their hands on Qatar’s petroleum industry. They will then use some of the spoils to placate their large population of unemployed young males.

Imagine the consequences, if the Saudis are allowed to subdue and control Qatar. They would then be in control of the largest reserves of natural gas in the world, in addition to the largest reserves of oil they already have. They would effectively control the Arab world, and there would be no space for alternative information or media within that block. Essentially, the whole Arabian peninsula would become a regional version of what ISIS only aspires to be, in control of the world’s largest natural gas supply as well as its largest oil supply.

Israel would be safe (which is why the Israeli right supports the Saudis), but what about the rest of the world?

We have make this clear to our fellow citizens and put pressure on our elected officials and policymakers to avoid this catastrophic blunder.

Edward Ryan Moad, Ph.D.
Qatar University

News and Analysis (6/7/17)

June 7th, 2017

DoE says it is Constitutional for “any public school student” to pray voluntarily “with fellow students during the school day on the same terms that they they may engage in other … speech”:

ISIS claims responsibility for both attacks:

The series “Black Crows” seems to take aim not only at ISIS’s violence, but the intolerant interpretation of Islam that underlies it …

… while Gulf States embracing that interpretation and warming up to Israel gang up on Qatar for respecting elected governments in Palestine and Iran …

… while Trump tries to have it both ways praising the crackdown and calling for unity at the same time:

In England the body counts, the arrests, and the threats to human rights continue to mount …

… but so do the reports of heroism and human kindness:

“Appalled residents have reached out to support the Thornaby mosque … after ‘Muslim cowards’ was sprayed in large letters on the side if their building”:

That May rebuked Trump, albeit mildly, “for lying about Khan” reflects that she wants neither to cave in to “reviled” Trump nor to fail to support “popular” Khan:

When an Iranian actor called her a “moron” for saying, “There would be no deadly terror attacks in the UK if Muslims didn’t live there,” she proved him right by calling him “an Indian”:

News and Analysis (6/4/17)

June 4th, 2017

Why do terrorist attacks against white people get twenty times the coverage (and a hundred times the sympathy) of terrorist attacks against brown (and black) people?

Unlikely to extradite the “outspoken critic of the increasingly authoritarian Turkish government [and] supporter of Fethullah Gulen” the Turks have arrested his father instead:

“When he appeared in Multnomah County Circuit Court on Tuesday [Christian] yelled: ‘Leave this country if you hate our freedom – death to antifa [anti-fascism]'”:

Women have log been victims of Islamophobia; now even children are targeted:

Warned that “mosques are full of people plotting the downfall of America and the enslavement of women,” she found them “full of fasting, exhausted, repentant, do-gooders”:

Does General Mattis “not realise that Iran is the sworn enemy of Isis? Nope? Well, there’s the ‘Mad Dog’ for you”:

“The truth is that Nasser and the other Arab leaders had absolutely no intention of invading Israel in June 1967[, a]nd Israel’s existence was never in the slightest doubt”: