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News and Analysis (1/16/19)

Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

PA serves as Israel’s dirty work torturing a former resident of New Jersey for charitable work on behalf families of Palestinians held in Israeli prisons, Amnesty International demands humane treatment and a fair trial …

… while Israel itself fines West Bank Palestinians for offenses, most of which “don’t involve the harming of people or property”:

… and demonstrators against a 9% social security tax “who called the Palestinian Authority a ‘gang of thieves,’ seemed to represent a prevailing mood of total distrust in the government”:

The FBI declines to comment on the Iranian report that a journalist who has reported on “discrimination against women, Muslims and African-Americans in the” U.S. has been arrested without charge and mistreated:

Bolton’s use of the NSC “to bend US foreign policy to his will — and especially toward a much harder stance against Iran — all under President Trump’s nose … [would have him fired] in any other administration”:

“Building Blocks of Islam … extended its hospitality at the airport by donating 400 sambusas Tuesday. The pans of the savory pastry arrived with a note from the ‘Muslim Community of MN'”:

“Grand Mufti M. T. Azabagić, who argued in the 1880s that a Muslim can in fact live happily under a tolerant non-Islamic state ‘where he is neither abused nor insulted for his acts of devotion'”:

Netanyahu has pushed “Western countries to impose tough economic sanctions on Iran and to cut business ties with Iranian companies. Apparently, though, this does not apply to doing business in Israel”:

“[T]he British-Iranian woman held by Tehran, started a hunger strike after her interrogators tried to persuade her to become a spy, her husband has claimed”:

By conflating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism, “the far right in Austria and Germany … try to absolve themselves and their predecessors of wrongdoing”:

News and Analysis (1/13/19)

Sunday, January 13th, 2019

Rubio failed in his attempt to pressure pro-Israeli senators embarrassed that the bill to send Israel $38 billion and to take away Americans’ freedom to boycott its apartheid policies got precedence over ending the shutdown :

Tarrant County, Texas, Republicans “voted overwhelmingly against the removal of one of their party leaders … not over qualifications or any misdeed … [but] whether [his] Muslim faith disqualified him from the job”:

“A Muslim family went to a hospital in Northern Virginia to celebrate a joyous occasion: the birth of a newborn baby” but they say that a hospital supervisor told the veiled women, “‘Nobody wants you here”:

Vallelonga apologized especially “to the brilliant and kind Mahershala Ali, … all members of the Muslim faith” and his “late father who changed so much from Dr. Shirley’s friendship,” promising the lesson is not lost on him”:

In addition to shooting a woman in the head the government wounded over two dozen others, “including two members of the media and one paramedic”:

“The British-Iranian dual national plans to strike for three days in protest against being denied medical care in Tehran’s Evin prison, but will consider extending the protest if her demands to be seen by a doctor are not met”:

“Poland, led by a right-wing populist government, is a long-standing American ally that has better relations with US President Donald Trump than other European powers such as Germany and France”:

News and Analysis (1/10/19)

Thursday, January 10th, 2019

The Irish journalist traveled “to the USA-Mexico border, the now demolished Berlin Wall, the Korean DMZ and the Israel-Palestine Separation Barrier” …

… “The West Bank has many segregated roads, but none of them [until now has been] divided along its entire length by a wall”:

The Maryland governor ordered “contractors to certify in writing that they don’t boycott Israel” which violates “First Amendment-protected political advocacy”:

“In effect, the Israeli government whose crowning legacy so far is the proto-fascist nation-state law, has become the first Israeli government to seek to export anti-democratic legislation to the United States of America”:

“Muslim women themselves have been challenging these notions, taking control of narratives that attempt to frame their experiences within a limited Western understanding”:

With the election of the U.S. is beginning to catch up to female Muslim political figures successful like the female prime ministers of Pakistan, Turkey, Bangladesh (two) and heads of state in Senegal and Indonesia:

“As a proposal to oust a Tarrant County Republican Party leader because he’s Muslim looms Thursday night, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott stressed that ‘the promise of freedom of religion is guaranteed’ by the U.S. Constitution”:

“Bolton openly promotes “a cult-like group” that sided with Saddam Hussein’s 1980 invasion of Iran and has since “spent lavishly” what is courting both conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats”:

“[M]ost hate crimes recorded in Thurrock were against Muslims,” a situation that will not be helped by denying “children, who arguably are those that most need to be taught about Islam,” the opportunity:

Rezaian testified that he “was convicted of espionage after a ‘sham trial’ with no witnesses, and evidence that consisted of his newspaper article s and an earlier unsuccessful application for a U.S. government job” …

… “[W]orsening ties could be heard in remarks Wednesday by Iran’s … Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, … ‘Some U.S. officials pretend that they are mad. Of course I don’t agree with that, but they are first-class idiots'”:

News and Analysis (1/7/19)

Monday, January 7th, 2019

Federal courts have already ruled similar bills “to be unconstitutional violations of the First Amendment speech rights of American citizens”:

“482 politically motivated crimes by Jews reported in the West Bank last year, including assault and property damage”:

On top isolation, inadequate medical treatment, and small vermin infested food rations, Israel proposes to put rival factions together which “may cause fights to break out … in light of the current political climate“:

Ahmadinijad quoted Khomeini “that Israel would disappear from the pages of history.” Iran is still explaining that he “did not say that he would destroy it. Israel’s policy and conduct will lead to its being destroyed by itself”:

“This is our country, and we have to take care of it, even if politicians are unwilling to” — Faizan Tariq, whose family moved to Alexandria from Pakistan when he was three:

“[F]ar from homogeneous … [g]roups range from the vigilante-like Islamic Defenders Front … and the radical Hizbut Tahrir … to the more moderate Prosperous Justice Party, which has members in parliament”:

U.S. ambassador to Israel David Friedman openly attributes the delay “in part to upcoming Israeli elections”:

The “city settled with Raheem Hassan for $224,000 but did not admit to wrongdoing”:

News and Analysis (1/5/18)

Saturday, January 5th, 2019

“The American Muslim community is definitely one of the most diverse, if not the most diverse, religious community in America,” commented a former U.S. envoy to the OIC, adding, “This is America” …

… but instead of being sworn in on an English translation written for Christian missionaries, Tlaib decided to use her own Qur’an:

The only thing [MbS is] modernizing is Saudi dictatorship” — Hassan Minhaj

“I do see my experience as guiding my work till this day and I hold onto a verse of the Qur’an in which one simple sentence is repeated twice within six verses of one chapter: ‘Verily with hardship comes ease'”:

“[L]argely well received,” is this “exploration of the complex, multifaceted world of Muslim fashion … a turning point in mainstream America’s appreciation of the interplay between faith, feminism, and identity?”

Delegation organizer dismisses charges that positive comments about Islam mask a pro-Israeli agenda: “The question is not what’s going to happen in the end of days … [but] what is what’s going to happen tomorrow”:

After feeling “lumps in her breasts, pain in her neck, as well as numbness in her arms and legs” her husband “told the Guardian that medical treatment had been blocked, and a visit from an outside psychiatrist banned”:

Before MPAC, “When they’re showing Muslims praying, they’re showing them praying incorrectly, when they’re quoting the Qur’an, there’s no passage in the Qur’an that actually says that”:

The “Boeing 737s has been stuck in Iran for three weeks after an unscheduled landing because of engine problems, as U.S. restrictions reportedly create headaches for the airline and possibly passengers”:

“Many Iranians continue to access the services despite the bans, circumventing the technical blocks by routing traffic through an overseas internet address”:

News and Analysis (1/2/19)

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019

She was killed when “an Israeli sniper [fired] into a crowd that included white-coated medics in plain view … [though] neither the medics nor anyone around them posed any apparent threat of violence to Israeli personnel”:

Given Western support for the Yemen War and indifference to “atrocities against Palestinians, … interventions by western governments in the judiciary cases in Iran … [seem] hypocritical and politically motivated”:

Detroit-born woman told to “Go back to India” before an attack that results in hospitalization:

“Women’s mosques” are enjoying a resurgence, but despite closures during the “Cultural Revolution,” China’s Hui Muslims have had them for centuries:

Rulers in Iran and the U.S., each in their own way, see digital currency as a threat to national security:

The withholding tax would have rendered unworkable “a bilateral agreement to settle oil trades through an Indian government-owned bank … in the Indian currency, which is not freely traded on international markets”:

Focus “has shifted in selected countries to the promotion of a strand of Salafi ultra-conservatism that preaches absolute obedience to the ruler, a corollary to [MbS]’s crackdown on critics and activists at home”:

News and Analysis (12/30/18)

Sunday, December 30th, 2018

Safeidin Chapman is released after ten years in jail for playing paintball after the Supreme Court rules defining as “violent” acts that involve neither violent actions nor intention are unconstitutional:

‘Journalist Rania Khalek, whose video was restored after public outcry, says the ability of social media giants “to disappear content as they please” is “creepy and alarming and should be loudly opposed'”:

“[T]he appeal was based on the fact that owners of the land in question have deeds proving ownership and therefore the land should not be classified as state land as claimed by Israel”:

Detained “legislators, journalists, women, and children” are among those subject to “solitary confinement, in small, cold, damp cells, with no covers. Detainees are subjected to high fines, torture, extended interrogation”:

As immigrant children die in American detention, “a non-profit Muslim charity from Dallas” has “treated 13 sick families so far, including an infant they sent to the emergency room” :

She “has helped more than 1,700 women escape from problems including forced marriage and honour-based violence” because her “faith tells me I need to stand for equality and justice”:

As government authorities pat down and detain Muslim women for, and even strip women of, their modest dress, Nike, Gucci, Versace, “and other luxury brands” rush to embrace, and capitalize on, it:

First Pakistan, then Malaysia, and now the Organization of Islamic Cooperation have spoken up:

Has Trump’s squeeze on foreign investment provoked a surge in Iranian domestic enterprise? “The volumes of investments show a 59.3% and 133.7% growth respectively compared with the same period of last year” …

… and the sale of kiwis alone has jumped 300% thanks to the fall of the rial:

News and Analysis (12/27/18)

Thursday, December 27th, 2018

“At the Christmas celebrations in Bethlehem they fear the next administration will … [lead] to a more aggressive policy of settlement building in the West Bank, and a less peaceful stance towards Gaza” …

… and as “a parable of the Palestinian predicament in their own homeland, ‘Cyber Palestine’ captures the quintessence of the story of the birth of Christ under military occupation of the Romans then and the Zionists now” …

… while in Pakistan, “early this month, … extremist leaders were arrested and charged with various offenses, belatedly signaling that religious minorities — and the law — were to be respected”:

“A large number of my classmates … are non-Muslims, we are still friendly to this day as a family, and frequently contact each other and meet for reunions. Differences of opinion are a blessing in Islam”:

Edalat, who “returned to the UK last week…, ironically, had been a campaigner against US sanctions against the Iranian regime, and his detention appeared to be based on a misunderstanding”:

A Christian writer suspends disbelief to read the Qur’an “on its own terms” and Juan Cole “portrays Islam’s founder as a peacemaker who wanted only to preach his monotheism freely and … [sought] ‘multicultural’ harmony”:

“Iran has no substantial influence over the Taliban to help bring the group to negotiations,” but then neither has the U.S.:

The Saudi “proxy war against Iran in Yemen “has bled the kingdom’s coffers, left large numbers of an already impoverished country facing malnutrition and disease, and done little … to ward off its arch foe”:

Opponents of the criminalization men who engage in instant unilateral divorce say it violates “Article 25 of the Constitution on ‘freedom of conscience and free profession, practice and propagation of religion”:

“Iran began selling crude oil to private companies for export in late October, just ahead of U.S. sanctions on sectors including oil which came into effect in November”:

“Women are scheduled to play the roles of the male characters because this opera has been arranged exclusively for an audience of women. Women with alto voices have been selected to star as men”:

News and Analysis (12/24/18)

Monday, December 24th, 2018

“For yet another year, Gaza’s Christian minority celebrates Christmas under siege, unable to join family in West Bank” :

A call “for Muslims to stay away from Christmas celebrations drew a sharp rebuke from a vocal critic …, saying the Islamist party is suffering from a failure to appreciate Islamic teachings as well as multiculturalism” …

… and the Queen’s consort send a Christmas message sharing “her experience as a teenage student where she celebrated Christmas along with her Christian schoolmates while not neglecting her faith as a Muslim” …

… and “Christians reject Islamophobia because Jesus calls us to love our neighbors—and we have a special obligation to make sure Muslim Americans know that the religious right doesn’t speak for Christianity”:

The bill would mandate that the “President shall impose 5 or more of the sanctions” to punish any “dealings in Iranian digital currency by a United States person or within the United States are prohibited”:

“Out of 80% girls who acquire education across India, nearly 90% of them are Muslims…. Also, they are in better health as they wash hands five times a day:

“Earlier this month, Israeli authorities have issued a decree barring the Ministry of Health from importing vaccines, starting from the beginning of the year 2019, which put the supply of vaccinations at risk.”

As Iran’s first vice president calls “for proper management to facilitate the release of the goods, to supply country’s basic needs in times of sanctions” …

… that are hurting Iranians badly, even lethally, but people ” blame the American administration more than their own government”:

News and Analysis (12/22/18)

Saturday, December 22nd, 2018

For the second year Muslims will “relieve Christian volunteers at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church” to provides”a break for Manna Community Meal volunteers so they can prepare their family’s holiday meals”:

When Islam turns statist: “Once ‘Islam’ is injected into public debates, how citizens interpret their religion is transformed from a private act of faith into a matter of national security”:

Chinese concentration camps, mass slaughter in Myanmar, pogroms in India, mowed down (along with Christians) in Palestine, demonized and persecuted in the U.S. and Europe, and mistreated in the Muslim world:

“Many Iranian ex-pats see the company’s interpretation of sanctions as overly broad, going far beyond the actual restrictions put in place by the US government. ‘They are either incompetent at OFAC interpretation or racist’:

Right-wing extremists in America “and the Middle Eastern despots they say they despise” unite to smear two Muslims and a Palestinian Christian democratically elected to Congress …

… and the “director of Israel outreach” for Turning Point USA tells students to ” reject calls to find unity” with the words “Screw that — I don’t want to live in peace with you, you’re a terrorist” …

… while Israel continues to terrorize the Palestinian, health workers and journalists as “[s]ome 40 Palestinians, including four medics and two journalists, were wounded by Israeli forces in weekly Gaza rallies” …

… and Messianic Jews and “Evangelical Christian partners and their allies in the US Republican Party … [push a plan] to boost the ratio of Jews to non-Jews living in Israel, thus ensuring continued Jewish dominance”:

“Families of the two victims, one a 12-year-old boy, say they won’t give up on justice as those convicted plan appeal”:

A new poll of Palestinians shows about “two thirds are dissatisfied with the reconciliation government, … demand the resignation of president Abbas [and] three quarters … reject] the Trump peace plan”:

“We pose no threat to any country but if the enemies … attack us we will be absolutely aggressive and attack the enemies with all might and we are practicing these tactics in these exercises”:

Slack “had cut off people who weren’t logging on from countries impacted by sanctions or embargoes”: