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News and Analysis (3/23/17)

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

“The impact of this move will … fall on nine airlines, including Gulf-based carriers that U.S. airlines have been asking President Trump to punish since the day after his election“:

Trying to understand the source of gender “inequality … they decided to re-read the Qur’an.” They were surprised to find “Talk about  justice, about equality between men and women”:

“NYPD’s ‘Radicalization of the West report must be removed from city websites, and it must “realize the impact of their conduct on ‘lawful political or religious activity of individuals, groups, or organizations”:

“The timing makes it seem obvious — Hollywood power players, most of whom are vehemently anti-Trump, are pushing back against what they see as his exclusionary policies”:

“I did not realise the man had cancer. I don’t want him to go to prison. He did a bad thing in anger. It hurt and frightened me, but I don’t seek any kind of revenge”:

The government claims that the only travel plan provision not already blocked by the courts “have no practical effect on how the government issues visas.” The judge has deferred a ruling until a later date:

“[M]y Tennessee born daughter was denied entry back to her country,  … for no apparent reason other than border patrol would not clear her United States passport for entry…. Is this the new Great America?”

“As of Tuesday afternoon, the Trump administration had not confirmed Gabriel’s meeting, but she later posted photos of herself at the White House on Facebook”:

“Islam gives me my strength and hope. So, really, being a Muslim girl means everything to me. I now know that there is nothing wrong with me, and that I am just as American as that white boy”:

News and Analysis (3/20/17)

Monday, March 20th, 2017

This is the same man who previously sued a school principal “to keep a Bible quote on a door” and now “has failed to respond to [this school’s] enquiries since issuing the [incendiary] press release:

The appointment of the extremist priest suggests that “the BJP agenda may see further divergence from the ‘maximum governance, minimum government’ mission Modi promised in 2014”:

“After the Mongols sacked Baghdad in 1258, … [t]he terms caliph and caliphate … became almost synonymous with emperor and empire”:

The workshops aim to help young Muslims know that “they are not alone….  By preparing them to respond to the questions, we help give them a voice, and that makes them feel empowered”:

Zaheer “Ali’s lecture focused on how the diffusion of Islam in African American communities reshaped public spaces and communities in the 20th century”:

One man got $1,000 compensation for the kiling of his son; another got $10,000; while third got zilch aftert 20 relatives were killed:

“While a number of people came [to hold hands in a circle around the mosque] from supportive congregations and religious groups, others were propelled by concern over national leadership and politics”:

News and Analysis (3/18/17)

Saturday, March 18th, 2017

“On St. Patrick’s Day everyone is Irish. Even Nigerian Muslim bank manager and sometime poet Albasheer Adam Alhassan”:

Trump departs “from former President Barack Obama’s policy, which prioritized deportations only of those convicted of serious crimes”:

“The Muslim ban is … meant to dismantle our American identity, … strongly rooted in the belief that diversity is our greatest strength and that welcoming the world’s most vulnerable is our moral obligation”:

“Trump has vowed to take the fight all the way to U.S. Supreme Court” but conservatives urge him “to time [any] appeals to reach the Supreme Court after Gorsuch is confirmed” …

… but “Trump and his henchmen keep ruining their Muslim ban by bragging about it like dumb movie villains”:

Burgess blamed alcohol for his attack. No wonder Muslims despise alcohol:

When a woman chooses to cover her hair,  “since her body is first and foremost hers, no one has the right to question that choice, let alone prohibit her”:

The assailant yelled “You did nothing but I am going to kick your [expletive deleted] ass….  [Expletive] Islam, [expletive] ISIS, Trump is here now. He will get rid of all of you. Ask Germany”:

In Texas, a certified teacher tweets “Islam is not welcome in the USA” and “Your religion is cancer and totally justifies the notion that the Crusades did not go far enough” …

… while a school denies that non-Muslims are prohibited use of a room for prayer:

News and Analysis (3/15/17)

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017

Judge “Watson said the state of Hawaii showed a strong likelihood of success in its claims that the order violates the establishment clause of the U.S. Constitution” …

… Speaking of travel bans, when the head of the only country to ban women drivers says Trump understands Islam, Muslims in the rest of the world take that as evidence that he doesn’t:

“America is not about any one color, or one ethnicity, or one faith. America is about self-government, the rule of law, freedom and the liberties and rights given in our Constitution” — Rep. David Young:

Asked if he supports Sharia Law, this Muslim Marine answers, “[D]o you know what Sharia law means? It’s a moral code, it tells me to be nice to you, to be a good person, that’s what Sharia law is”:

Facing both a U.S. Justice Department … investigation of the north metro county for religious discrimination [and] … the threat of civil litigation from the state’s Muslim community”:

The “exhibition ‘America to Zanzibar: Muslim Cultures Near and Far’ showcases the history, art and traditions of Muslims, with the belief that education will beat back ignorance and hate every time”:

Opponents Catholics with disloyalty, saying “newcomers would bring with them radical political beliefs … [and] follow the secret, mystical and dangerous dictates of the leaders of their religion”:

“A federal judge has approved a settlement that puts a civilian watchdog on the NYPD panel charged with protecting Muslims from unconstitutional surveillance, court documents show”:

The court ruled prohibiting employees from wearing religious symbols at work is not direct discrimination under EU law, but some Muslim woman wear headscarves out of modesty not religious identity …

… “the question as to whether such rules impact the Muslim religion disproportionately will have to be settled by national courts”:

News and Analysis (3/13/17)

Monday, March 13th, 2017

A rabbi and a minister declare, “Each of our religious traditions, Islam included, regard hospitality to those different from us as a sign of faith and obedience to God”:

“Germany, Austria and the Netherlands blocked Turkish attempts to hold rallies in those countries” demonstrating that freedom of speech is only for some:

“Ningxia Communist Party secretary Li Jianguo drew comparisons to the policies of US President Donald Trump’s administration to make his point”:

“[A] new generation of women has [inspired] … the growth of even more Islam-themed businesses for women … [and] has given women access to new forms of community and new positions of authority”:

“Lloyd told detectives he assumed the owner was Muslim and that angered him because of “what they are doing in the Middle East”:

“She alleges she was held back while white colleagues were allowed to work more complex investigations, … [and] that … male colleagues made discriminatory comments to her and other women officers”:

The Saudis aim “to promote the private sector and make state-owned companies more efficient, … to sell up to 5 percent of state oil giant Saudi Aramco[,] … [and] to reduce state spending”:

News and Analysis (3/10/17)

Friday, March 10th, 2017

He hated Islam so much he wanted “to blow up a local mosque.” Then he learned what it teaches and now the retired Marine sergeant is president of the Islamic Center of Muncie:

“The university does not tolerate intolerance” — Libby Roerig, director of communications at ISU:

The report warned that the risk that UK aid could cause ‘unintended harm’ to vulnerable migrants or prevent them from reaching a place of safety had not been adequately assessed”:

She quoted the Prophet (pbuh) saying, “Women are not created weaker but more generous than men … [and] closer to the angelic nature than men, as they are readier than men to carry angelic light”:

“We’re part of the problem, but we also desperately want to be part of the cure…. If … you watch the whole thing as a whole, … you’ll see who the bad guys really are and you may have surprises in store for you”:

“An Israeli law to limit the Muslim call to prayer from mosques has won preliminary approval though opponents have denounced the measure as racist”:

News and Analysis (3/7/17)

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

With the government still cleaning up the mess from the first ban …

… despite some  “changes to the ban, the intent to discriminate against Muslims remains clear” — New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman …

… and opponents are likely to challenge the order in the courts:

Did Trump’s “failure to denounce xenophobia in his mention of the” murder of an Indian in Kansas” facilitate the shooting of a Sikh in D.C. in which the white killer similarly “shouted, ‘Get out of my country'”?

“Islamophobic rhetoric of politicians emboldens animus on the part of citizens, government law and policy also endorses bigoted views and authorises …violence … Muslims … individuals perceived as Muslims”:

“Anyone with a valid U.S. passport should be able to enter and leave the U.S. It is also not clear who is reviewing those privileges”:

In the largest Muslim-majority country in the world, “[t]here was no singular view of Islam, but toward me there was friendship, kindness and a curiosity to learn more about America’s culture and values”:

“New York City’s Muslim residents are strong partners in the fight against terrorism and this settlement represents another important step toward renthening our relationship with [them]”:

“On Friday, Amer made his network television debut on ‘The Late Show,’ speaking about that notable flight as well as his experiences being Muslim in America”:

“Endless examples of double standards and discrimination are likely to have a toxic impact on a whole generation of young Muslims. And that, in itself, is dangerous”:

A “[d]ispatch from Aung Mingalar, Myanmar, where more than 4,000 Rohingya live separated, just across the road, from the rest of the city”:

News and Analysis (3/4/17)

Saturday, March 4th, 2017

The David Horowitz Freedom Center not only funded the foreign candidate, but “failed to disclose the grants to Wilders’s political party in its annual tax return“:

We assess that most foreign-born, US-based violent extremists likely radicalized several years after their entry to the United States, limiting the ability of screening and vetting officials to prevent their entry“:

“Ordinary Muslims are kind and try to help however they can —  they’re often first on the scene, rescuing the injured and taking them to hospitals”:

Canby’s remarks underscore the debt that Western civilisation owes to the Islamic world, and she notes …[,] “Without Baghdad in the ninth and 10th century, we wouldn’t know any of these things”:

A “stupid, Islamophobic, hateful, [and] bigoted” legislator presumes to teach young Muslims about their own religion and then refuses to meet with them:

“Evangelicals have mixed their faith with the state, making a kind of religious nationalism. They see it as ‘taking back America,’ as stopping the Muslims from taking over America” — Pastor Bob Roberts:

News and Analysis (3/1/17)

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

“I’m glad Trump condemned antisemitism. He didn’t acknowledge attacks on Muslims though nor did he talk about white extremism. There were many gaps in his logic” — MPAC ‘s Salam Al-Maryati:

Despite ” a report by intelligence analysts … [of] insufficient evidence that citizens of the seven Muslim-majority countries posed a terror threat to the United States” only Iraq will be removed from the ban:

“[M]y job is to tell the truth and then try to connect with these characters and people as honestly and deeply as possible… [S]pirituality can be a doorway to “more empathy for these people” …

… but “[a]ccording to Pakistani law, Ali isn’t a Muslim … [because] Ali follows the Ahmadiyya sect of Islam, which … was criminalized and its practices equated with blasphemy”:

“Asked why he helped non-Muslims, he said: ‘Because my ambulance is more Muslim than you'”:

“The major ‘common point’ between Christianity and Islam, Michel said, is that both faiths believe in the existence of only one God, and that both are trying to do what this one God wants”:

They “asked fellow Muslims to help them raise $20,000 to help rebuild two US graveyards that had been desecrated in anti-Semitic attacks – [that] goal was reached within just three hours”:

News and Analysis (2/26/17)

Sunday, February 26th, 2017

McMaster’s views may be eclipsed those by clash-of-civilization fanatics Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller who “have close ties to Mr. Trump and walk-in privileges in the Oval Office” McMaster lacks:

“What right does the United States have to inquire about somebody’s religion when they enter the country?” — Chris Mancini, a former federal prosecutor and friend of the family:

Those “labeled Salafist … disagree amongst each other over what defines authentic Salafist practice.The vast majority of [them] … are … simply nonpolitical or actively reject politics as morally corrupt”:

“The shooting also injured 24-year-old Ian Grillot, [a third] patron at Austin’s, who apparently tried to intervene”:

“The passage of the so­-called ‘Regularization­ Law’ could, according to [Israeli President Reuven] Rivlin, cause Israel ‘to look like an apartheid state'” — Canadian Human Rights Attorney Edward Corrigan:

“Analysts at the Homeland Security Department’s intelligence arm found insufficient evidence that citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries included in … [the] ban pose a terror threat to the” U.S.”:

“Iran launched naval drills at the mouth of the Gulf and the Indian Ocean on Sunday, a naval commander said, as tensions … escalated after U.S President Donald Trump put Tehran ‘on notice'”: