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News and Analysis (4/20/18)

Friday, April 20th, 2018

“The government said her behaviour [not allowing men should to touch her body without her consent] showed she was ‘not assimiliated into the French community'”:

“Polling data shows us that most Muslims worldwide, and American Muslims in particular, reject the use of violence against civilians,” but it s not the job of government to determine “who qualifies as a ‘true’ Muslim”:

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions called the verdict “a significant victory against domestic terrorism and hate crimes”:

“The bill expands coverage of federal hate crimes laws to include religious institutions, such as schools and community centers”:

“The Southern Poverty Law Center has removed the “Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists” from their website after attorneys for Maajid Nawaz, a practicing Muslim and prominent Islamic reformer, threatened legal action over his inclusion on the list”:

“Movies screened in Saudi cinemas will be subject to approval by government censors, as is the case in other Arab countries. Scenes of violence are not cut, but scenes involving nudity, sex, or even kissing often do get axed”:

“It said Zammar reportedly had taken credit for influencing Ramzi Binalshibh, who is accused of wiring money to September 11 hijackers and passing information to al Qaeda operatives, and Mohammed Atta, who led the attack on the World Trade Center in New York City”:

News and Analysis (4/18/18)

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

Gorsuch objected that making judges determine whether there is “a substantial risk that physical force may be used” in a crime that applies to “everyone from armed home intruders to door-to-door salesmen peddling shady products” gives unconstitutional discretion to judges’ intuition:

The underground economy accounts for 45-50 of Tunisia’s GDP, while fear “of general strikes by government workers has left Tunisia unable to scale back what economists consider a bloated public sector, saddling the government with struggling state-owned companies”:

“[B]ecause archaic interpretations of Islam cannot persuade the new generation on [certain] issues … some [religious school] students have begun questioning the faith. Instead of adopting atheism, … these post-Islamic youths embrace … the belief in God but without religion”:

“It is crucial women understand their Islamic entitlement to seek and be granted divorce … — especially in cases of domestic violence, but also if a woman just doesn’t want to be married anymore”:

“Radical Love: Teachings from the Islamic Mystical Tradition … [is] a collection of more than 200 poems by medieval authors that he has translated from the original Arabic and Persian ‘for anyone who aspires to be in a loving relationship with humanity and with God'”:

“After returning home to visit the U.S., [the photographer] saw the religion portrayed in a generic, one-dimensional way that didn’t capture what she viewed elsewhere in the world”:

Amirah Sackett’s “current creative work … directly addresses Islamophobia by giving audiences new images of a Muslim woman. She often performs in full traditional dress under the umbrella of a creative group she created, called We’re Muslim, Don’t Panic”:

“[S]omeone at the door, a ‘White Helmet’, shouted ‘Gas!’, and a panic began. People started throwing water over each other. Yes, the video was filmed here, it is genuine, but what you see are people suffering from hypoxia – not gas poisoning” — a doctor on the scene:

“France adheres to a strict and unique brand of secularism, the philosophy of laïcité, which is designed to keep religion out of public life,” yet Macron insists, “I just want to make sure that no woman is forced to wear a veil or headscarf. It’s a battle for emancipation”:

News and Analysis (4/16/18)

Monday, April 16th, 2018

Theresa May “has said she did not seek a green light from parliament for the attacks due to the need to act quickly” but Russia blame delays preventing “international inspectors from reaching the site of a suspected poison gas attack … on retaliatory U.S.-led missile strikes on Syria”:

A former CIA official asks  whether Americans are “to be manipulated as instruments for the achievement of local Israeli and Saudi strategic goals in the region?”

It hurt when people taunted her for her religious grab, “but through my play, I would shut them up. It’s like ‘OK, I’m dressed in this, but I’m killing your team”:

“God gave you a brain which you chose to fill with hate and a mouth you chose to spew filth from. … That … you feel emboldened to talk this crap publicly is this government’s legacy” the actress said when trolled for criticizing the rape and murder of an 8-year-old in occupied Kashmir:

“‘[S]ecular’ should mean not against religion or a simple-minded acceptance of all religions but ‘opposition to institutionalised religious domination’. … This is how a person can be deeply Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian and yet be staunchly secular”:

“CCTV footage shows mob looting shops as Buddhist monks look on, leading investigator say”:

The man who “opened fire at a religious sanctuary filled with 53 men and a handful of children” and killed six people “followed U.S. President Donald Trump on Twitter and had a photo of himself wearing a Make America Great Again cap, [and] read up on the Muslim travel ban”:

News and Analysis (4/13/18)

Friday, April 13th, 2018

It is unacceptable that for positions that require “credibility as a fair-minded person toward foreign nations and different peoples … President Trump has selected two individuals … tied to individuals and organizations that have exhibited hateful bias against Muslims around the world”:

Much as Anti-Semites see the Rothschilds behind every Jew, except for “Israel’s human rights community, left-wing Meretz party, and the Arab-Israeli political parties who have angrily protested the use of lethal force, most Israelis” see Hamas militants behind every Gazan:

In pardoning a traitor who “was convicted of lying in an investigation of the unmasking of a CIA agent, Trump has made “clear his contempt for the rule of law” and sent “a troubling signal to the president’s allies that obstructing justice will be rewarded” according to Nancy Pelosi:

“Moscow’s U.N. ambassador … ‘cannot exclude’ war between the United States and Russia,” but a Hezbollah official says, “The conditions do not point to a total war happening … unless Trump and (Israeli leader Benjamin) Netanyahu completely lose their minds”:

A “Catholic evangelical crusader[‘s] … accurate Latin translation of the Qur’an … did not have the effect he intended, as Alexander Bevilacqua shows in his tour de force study of the origins of modern Islamic scholarship in the West and its central role in the Enlightenment”:

“The killing of eight year-old Asifa Bano, details of which were released on Wednesday, and ongoing efforts by Hindu groups to disrupt the police investigation have sickened many Indians and deepened concerns about a growing sense of impunity among religious nationalists” …

… the demolition of the medieval-era Babri mosque in 1992 by Hindu nationalist mobs and the 2008 police encounter in a Muslim ghetto in India’s capital … changed the relations of Muslims with the Indian state” and coincided with the  BJP’s rise to power:

“In the ashes of his mosque, Ajrami clearly saw the task ahead. ‘I didn’t want that label, Muslim, to define me as a person. But because of the fire we really had to be on the front lines'”:

“In five years or 10 or 20, the women who are criticizing the event … are going to take part in similar races or will attend them and cheer on those racing. Just like they did with mobile phones, televisions, schools, nursing, medicine… They’ll … be embarrassed by the way they reacted”:

News and Analysis (4/11/18)

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

“That the Red Crescent operates a hospital in a city supposedly inundated with wounded and didn’t get a single patient with confirmed exposure, however, is very noteworthy” …

… and in talks with the Trump administration both “France and Britain … stressed that the culprit still needed to be confirmed” …

… yet unlike 2013, when Russia blamed the US and UK for rushing to judgment, this time it is Russia that opposes an independent investigation into who is responsible for any chemical attack …

… but Trump too has changed his position from 2013 when he  ” tweeted about Obama’s Syria policy…: “‘Be prepared, there is a small chance that our horrendous leadership could unknowingly lead us into World War III’:

“[T]he Bar Association of Kathua, the district where Asifa was abducted in January, said they wanted a federal investigation because the state government had failed to ‘understand the sentiments of the people’ … instead of condemning the heinous crime”:

“Kazakhstan has a 75-per-cent female labour-force participation rate, … higher than either the United States or China. Egypt has a higher percentage of women going into the STEM fields than the United States. Seven Muslim-majority countries have had nine women as heads of states”:

“She doesn’t claim … that Islam already gives women all their rights. She argues that it could, if it was stripped of centuries of misogynist interpretation by male scholars”:

“Muslim Advocates and Democracy Forward filed the lawsuit on Monday after the departments failed to meet their demands to retract and correct information in the report, which was disseminated in January”:

The clinic “is open to everyone who needs it, but members of the all-volunteer staff make no apology about being Muslim, and their connection to an Islamic service organization”:

“The UN’s new Yemen envoy says all sides desire a political solution. But Resolution 2216, which demands Houthi rebels disarm and withdraw, is being invoked to create an ‘impossible precondition’ for talks”:

News and Analysis (4/8/18)

Sunday, April 8th, 2018

“Jaish al-Islam accused the Syrian government of carrying out a chemical attack on Douma that a medical relief organization and rescue workers say killed dozens of people. The government has denied carrying out any such attack” …

… but as with last year’s “cruise missile strike on a Syrian air base last year in response to a sarin gas attack in northwestern Syria blamed on Assad” Trump is eager to act without determining who is responsible for this chemical attack:

“[W]hat can be done against this collective dumbing-down of an entire faith[?] Patiently repeating points and examples from history – in the manner of explaining something difficult but obvious to an eight-year old child – does not seem to go very far in combating a million views on Youtube”:

“‘Mr. Pompeo has left a trail of horrific, inaccurate, bigoted statements and associations vis-à-vis Muslims around the world,’ said … a former director of the State Department’s office of religion and global affairs…. Islamic and Jewish groups have raised similar concerns about John R. Bolton”:

A tattooed man attacked a nurse in Texas “returning home from her night shift at a hospital who “exited his red SUV … and went after the woman with racist slurs and a knife.” She was able to escape when the wound he inflicted into her arm spattered “blood into his eyes and mouth”:

Journalists investigating “the killing of 10 Rohingya … during an army crackdown that has sent nearly 700,000 people fleeing to Bangladesh” said “they were arrested almost immediately after being handed some rolled up papers … by two policemen they had not met before”:

“A local start-up company founded last year, OneGram, is issuing a gold-backed cryptocurrency – part of efforts to convince Muslims that investing in cryptocurrencies complies with their faith”:

“The government has said it plans to sell about 5 percent of Aramco, hoping to raise some $100 billion or more in what is likely to be the world’s biggest initial public offer”:

News and Analysis (4/5/18)

Thursday, April 5th, 2018

Yemen’s conflict has resulted in so many men being killed, recruited for battle, or mentally “shattered, that it has forced many women into roles rarely seen in such a conservative society”:

A marathon runner known “as Dr. ’Ali, The Fitness Doc ― she holds a doctorate in anatomy and neuroscience ― the Baltimore-based author, science teacher and fitness coach is busy fighting misconceptions about Muslim women by inspiring them to compete”:

“The response by the Muslim leaders was that we want to move on and look forward to more constructive and healthy relationships (with other religions).” A year ago an imam apologized for an insensitive comment about Jews and the Christians:

Popular rejection of the planned day of bigotry was manifest …

… and the “designated day of hate passed off without major incident …, ‘Punish a Muslim Day’ did what it was designed to do – strike fear in the hearts of individual Muslims and those already … impacted by hate crime and racism … [who] just want to feel safe and secure in our country” …

… but “for millions of Muslims across this country and across the Western world, April 3 was not the first “punish a Muslim day” we lived through. There was also February 10. June 18. And too many others to list here”:

The Israeli violence against the mostly peaceful demonstrations for the “right of return for refugees and their descendants to land now colonized by Israel has now claimed nineteen lives” …

… and B’Tselem has “urged Israeli forces in a rare step Wednesday to disobey open-fire orders unless Gaza protesters pose an imminent threat to soldiers’ lives”:

“Men should be tried, yes. But these women were not armed. These kids are innocent,” says a woman who charges that her niece “was forced into going to Syria when her husband threatened to kidnap their children”:

The lawyer’s union accused the FCT High Court prohibition “any apparel underneath wigs by lawyers and by extension the hijab by female Muslim lawyers … as “unfortunate, draconian, illegal, unconstitutional and unlawful”:

Despite (or more likely because of) the popularity of Western cinema, Saudi Arabia shut down public movie theaters  the 1970s, and only last January the Grand Mufti Sheikh appointed by the king “warned of the ‘depravity’ of cinemas, saying they would corrupt morals if allowed”:

News and Analysis (4/2/18)

Monday, April 2nd, 2018

As the date Islamphobes have promoted to spread hatred and violence approaches, proposed preventatives range from telling women and children to stay of the streets …

… to calls for “kindness and solidarity” …

… to a call to open “arms and doors … to these minds that incite hate, get to know us, the community. Join us in our community work and community ethos and use that negative energy to do good”:

“Islam always held that there needs to be a separation between religious authority and politics, … as separate power bases…. [R]eligion serves as a valuable check on government excesses and tyranny” — Rabbi Shlomo Pill:

“No Israeli, soldier or civilian, was ever under threat, let alone harmed. Yet … the Israeli forces and its snipers saw fit to take pot shots into the civilian crowd who were marching peacefully” and the tweet portrayed the “victim as the aggressor”:

“The aim, they said, is to send a message of comity and reassurance at a time when rising Islamophobia and fears of a new wave of ­anti-Semitism in Germany are deepening social mistrust”:

“Half of the 18 countries where women constitute [at least] 40% of [science, technology and engineering] students are Muslim.” In Kuwait and Brunei, a majority of such students are women:

“Yesterday, we went to a talk that spoke about character and being the best Muslim we can be. That involves service and activism”:

The women object that jailing men for violating the divorce law “will create more problems. Women won’t have any place to go if their husbands serve the jail term. It will be difficult to take care of our children”:

“[B]y defining terrorism as ‘illegitimate violence,’ the state reaffirms its own legitimacy to create violence”:

News and Analysis (3/31/18)

Friday, March 30th, 2018

Boyd Benson joined Kansas Security Forces members because he fears Islam, but when members started to talk about killing one-year old Muslim babies  and raping the wives and daughter of their landlords, he quit:

“[M]any Muslims consider a top-down approach to manage Islam domesticating or patronizing, particularly in light of France’s unresolved colonial legacy in the Arab-Muslim world—a way to assimilate Islam to the point of invisibility”:

“[W]hen Islamic movements struggle to make the state their means to Islamicize society, they are in line with … [a] conception of secularism, under which the state has become “involved in the regulation of religious life and religious institutions”:

A white Christian couple adopts Islam, saying, “From the point of Islam, men and women are equal in the eyes of God.  … The negative things we see are the cultural interpretations — there is a big difference between religion and culture”:

“The Court of Appeals, in a split 4-3 decision, ruled that the NYPD was in its rights to decline acknowledging whether records existed pertaining to possible surveillance of … a Manhattan imam, and … a former Rutgers … student”:

“Pakistan officially recognized transgender as a third gender in 2012, but transgender people are largely confined to the margins of society”:

“The problem … is not just politicians who wield stupid slogans. It is also the majority of nonpopulist Germans who are shy about expressing the terms of participation in a pluralist society”:

A protester and a farmer were killed in “Land Day” demonstrations  commemorating the deaths of “six Arab citizens of Israel killed by Israeli security forces during demonstrations over government land confiscations in” 1976:

Rather than ban mosques and churches, Israel’s housing minister proposes the state flood the country with images of a Star of David:

News and Analysis (3/28/18)

Wednesday, March 28th, 2018

“Bolton’s appointment as national security adviser doesn’t require Senate confirmation,” but Pompeo and Haspel face scrutiny for their support of, and in her case involvement in, torture”:

“Muslim Women’s Day is a call to action to… center Muslim women’s voices for the day, to empower us, to flood the Internet with new, diverse, positive stories and Muslim women’s voices, and basically just pass the mic”:

“The first Muslim woman elected to Australia’s federal parliament … was bullied by fellow students at school because of her Arabic heritage and how she was subjected to abuse and violence by a former husband”

Look at THESE cartoons … if you dare:

After some Muslim students harassed a Jewish girl, Imam “Mazyek announced his plan to send ten imams – preferably together with rabbis – to visit classrooms, ‘promoting dialogue, enlightenment and mutual respect'”:

“[M]otivations for losing faith in Islam are complex and vary from individual to individual. But suffering from the oppression or violence perpetrated in the name of religion is cited very often” — Mustafa Akyol:

“Jaish al-Islam’s military spokesman … said in the negotiations with Russia Jaish al-Islam is asking for guarantees that what remains of the local population will not be forced out”:

The military dictatorship’s suppression “of moderate voices … could result in an extreme reaction in Egypt”:

In addition to violating Islamic law by trying to force their daughter to marry against her will, the parents are suspected of keeping the proposed groom’s monetary gift of $20,000 to their daughter for themselves: