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News and Analysis (8/7/08)

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Hamdan’s acquittal of terrorist conspiracy but conviction of supporting terrorism heightens debate on the fairness of the military justice system:

A powerful voice in the region declares “odd” an Iranian threat to the US that would also make foes out of Arab friends:

Disagreements over control of oil-rich Kirkuk delays provincial elections until next year, giving the current administration even less to call “success” in Iraq before leaving office:

Rival Palestinian parties both push for political leader and potential presidential successor Marwan Barghouti to be one of the prisoners released in Israeli good faith gesture:

As Turkey looks to take the role of regional problem solver, Syria seeks association and discussion in order to have a voice in peace efforts:

It is highly likely, but not certain, that the new ruling coalition could impeach President Musharraf who by now has little say in daily affairs and already ceded military control:

Political leader Anwar Ibrahim says he will hold the Prime Minister orchestrating his prosecution “personally responsible” for riots over allegations against him:

Ten years after Nairobi embassy bombing, lawlessness in neighboring Somalia and victimization of local Muslims are concerns:

News and Analysis (8/6/08)

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

As oil revenue contributes to the Iraqi budget surplus, the US looks to transition financial responsibility for reconstruction projects:

Shia cleric says his militia will lay down weapons, but insists resistance to US occupation remains a legitimate right:

Minor al-Qaeda figure’s trial is a test run for the legal process involved in the eventual closing of Guantanamo:

“Corrupt” but freely elected government in Mauritania is overthrown by recently fired military generals:

Pakistan government wants to affirm control of ISI, but the agency’s alleged support for the Taliban could be driven by rival India’s growing influence in neighboring Afghanistan…

…meanwhile the US praises its training of the Afghan Army, but realizes the inadequacy in the national police force to counter rising insurgency:

While the Algerian government has made combating terrorism a goal, last weekend’s attack shows the Al Qaeda’s capabilities expanding in northern Africa:

US Embassy says large weapons cache uncovered by Kyrgyz police was intended for local counterterrorism training:

News and Analysis (8/5/08)

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

With Iraqi Prime Minister’s recent troop reductions comments still resonate, President Bush now agrees to a “time horizon” for transitioning control to Iraqis:

East Asian Studies professor says China continues to vilify the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, which doesn’t have the resources for an attack even if it wanted to:

U.S.officials allege ne of Amnesty International’s “disappeared” terror suspects used her MIT education to reach Al Qaeda inner circles:

With informal deal deadline past, yesterday’s phone call between Iran and six world powers was also “not conclusive”:

Palestinian clan, tossed between two main factions, finds many of its members saved by Israelis and now interrogated:

Indian-Afghan friendship signaled by development aid and recent collaborative accusations against Pakistan have Pakistan on edge:

Landmark agreement that would expand Muslim homeland in a southern island is blocked by the Philippine Supreme Court over questions of constitutionality:

Muslims recognize the benefits of tourism and would like to make the most of Western knowledge as long as they can preserve their religion:

News and Analysis (8/4/08)

Monday, August 4th, 2008

Olympics-related security hype has given China momentum to conduct raids on Uighur Muslims, and now police arrest assailants without explaining their motives or affiliations:

As the threat of sanctions looms following a missed nuke-deal deadline, Iran warns of its ability to close critical Persian Gulf waterway:

Wounded Palestinians receive medical treatment on the condition that they become informants:

Reevaluating counternarcotics strategy in Afghanistan, Canada considers de-incentivizing opium production at the processing and shipment levels:

Seven Baha’i Iranians reportedly confess to establishing an illegal institution aimed at undermining the Islamic government:

A police raid called for by the US fails to capture man in charge of 1998 embassy bombings, but instead arrests his relatives accused of harboring him:

A Turkish show manages to connect with Saudis where Western shows can’t, inspiring tourism, independent women’s roles, as well as a cleric’s objections:

For incarcerated Afghan women, access to medical treatment, education, and safety from those seeking revenge is reason enough to keep their children there:

News and Analysis (8/2-8/3/2008)

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

Escalating intra-Palestinian violence spurs Israeli assistance to Fatah’s wounded:

·         9 Dead in Hamas Raid on Pro-Fatah Clan in Gaza (New York Times)

Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK) still denies role in Istanbul attacks, but eight will be charged with PKK membership in light of “strong evidence”:

·         Istanbul Bombings ‘Suspects Held’ (BBC News)

Displaced people found themselves caught between Taliban and US/NATO fighting in Afghanistan’s South and move to Kabul due to deteriorating security:

·         As the Fighting Swells in Afghanistan, So Does a Refugee Camp in Its Capital (New York Times)

Following US accusations and political pressures, Pakistan announces it will investigate its spy agency’s involvement in last month’s bombings on the Indian embassy in Kabul…

·         Pakistan to Probe Embassy Bombing (BBC News)

… as well as assure the Pentagon it is moving major units of its military into tribal areas to confront Taliban forces:

·         Pakistan May Step up Action Against Insurgents (Los Angeles Times)

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb is suspected to be responsible for blast:

·         Algeria Car Bomb Wounds 21, Ministry Says  (New York Times)

Street cleaners are among the dead in extremists’ roadside bomb as chaos continues…

·         Somalia Bombing ‘Kills 15 Women’  (BBC News)

…meanwhile, resigning Somali ministers in the Transitional Federal Government site the Prime Minister’s “power abuse” and “dictatorial tendencies”:

·         10 Cabinet Ministers Resign As Govt Row Deepens  (Garowe Online/All Africa)

“My real crime is speaking out in defense of the democratic governance Egyptians deserve,” a journalist sentenced to prison for “harming” Egypt’s reputation wrote:

·         Egyptian Judge Sentences Exiled Dissident to Prison for Writings in ‘Foreign Press’ (Washington Post)

Bangladeshi laborers are deported from Kuwait after protests over contracts and rights:

·         Kuwait Ramps up Deportation of Asian Workers (Christian Science Monitor)

Government water subsidies where the supply is limited and government corruption, rather than an over-active free market economy as LA Times staff writer claims, are more likely reasons for Yemen’s ecological nightmare:

·         In Yemen, a Race for Profit is Hastening a Water Crisis (Los Angeles Times)

Understanding globalization, a local Iranian cleric urges villagers to exploit opportunities in the tourism industry to avoid having to leave for the city to find work:

·         An Iranian Jewel’s Rough New Facet (Washington Post)

In an upcoming election, Indonesian “spirit is toward reform, so there will be no censorship” of the press:

·         SBY Promises Press Freedom During Election (Jakarta Post)

News and Analysis (8/1/08)

Friday, August 1st, 2008

Acknowledging that they have no control over what OBL’s driver divulges if he is freed, the military hears classified testimonies in the trial that seems fixed to convict him:

Tit-for-tat arrests between rival political groups do nothing more than “perpetuate divisions” in Palestine:

European oil companies seeking to invest in Iran give in to US political pressures:

With the introduction of sports programs, former Iraqi athletes hope to make sectarian divisions irrelevant and give children positive options:

Having earlier this week linked Pakistan’s ISI to tribal insurgency, the US now joins Afghanistan in accusations for last month’s bombing at the Indian embassy in Kabul, further pressuring Pakistan’s new civilian government:

As attacks on civilians and NGOs increase in number, aid agencies fear some areas too dangerous to operate in will suffer:

Putin indicates cooperation with Libya’s requests for products from Russia’s military industrial complex:

As preparations are made for terrorists’ executions, lawyers intend to challenge the constitutionality of a firing squad: