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News and Analysis (3/7/17)

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

With the government still cleaning up the mess from the first ban …

… despite some  “changes to the ban, the intent to discriminate against Muslims remains clear” — New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman …

… and opponents are likely to challenge the order in the courts:

Did Trump’s “failure to denounce xenophobia in his mention of the” murder of an Indian in Kansas” facilitate the shooting of a Sikh in D.C. in which the white killer similarly “shouted, ‘Get out of my country'”?

“Islamophobic rhetoric of politicians emboldens animus on the part of citizens, government law and policy also endorses bigoted views and authorises …violence … Muslims … individuals perceived as Muslims”:

“Anyone with a valid U.S. passport should be able to enter and leave the U.S. It is also not clear who is reviewing those privileges”:

In the largest Muslim-majority country in the world, “[t]here was no singular view of Islam, but toward me there was friendship, kindness and a curiosity to learn more about America’s culture and values”:

“New York City’s Muslim residents are strong partners in the fight against terrorism and this settlement represents another important step toward renthening our relationship with [them]”:

“On Friday, Amer made his network television debut on ‘The Late Show,’ speaking about that notable flight as well as his experiences being Muslim in America”:

“Endless examples of double standards and discrimination are likely to have a toxic impact on a whole generation of young Muslims. And that, in itself, is dangerous”:

A “[d]ispatch from Aung Mingalar, Myanmar, where more than 4,000 Rohingya live separated, just across the road, from the rest of the city”:

News and Analysis (3/4/17)

Saturday, March 4th, 2017

The David Horowitz Freedom Center not only funded the foreign candidate, but “failed to disclose the grants to Wilders’s political party in its annual tax return“:

We assess that most foreign-born, US-based violent extremists likely radicalized several years after their entry to the United States, limiting the ability of screening and vetting officials to prevent their entry“:

“Ordinary Muslims are kind and try to help however they can —  they’re often first on the scene, rescuing the injured and taking them to hospitals”:

Canby’s remarks underscore the debt that Western civilisation owes to the Islamic world, and she notes …[,] “Without Baghdad in the ninth and 10th century, we wouldn’t know any of these things”:

A “stupid, Islamophobic, hateful, [and] bigoted” legislator presumes to teach young Muslims about their own religion and then refuses to meet with them:

“Evangelicals have mixed their faith with the state, making a kind of religious nationalism. They see it as ‘taking back America,’ as stopping the Muslims from taking over America” — Pastor Bob Roberts:

News and Analysis (3/1/17)

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

“I’m glad Trump condemned antisemitism. He didn’t acknowledge attacks on Muslims though nor did he talk about white extremism. There were many gaps in his logic” — MPAC ‘s Salam Al-Maryati:

Despite ” a report by intelligence analysts … [of] insufficient evidence that citizens of the seven Muslim-majority countries posed a terror threat to the United States” only Iraq will be removed from the ban:

“[M]y job is to tell the truth and then try to connect with these characters and people as honestly and deeply as possible… [S]pirituality can be a doorway to “more empathy for these people” …

… but “[a]ccording to Pakistani law, Ali isn’t a Muslim … [because] Ali follows the Ahmadiyya sect of Islam, which … was criminalized and its practices equated with blasphemy”:

“Asked why he helped non-Muslims, he said: ‘Because my ambulance is more Muslim than you'”:

“The major ‘common point’ between Christianity and Islam, Michel said, is that both faiths believe in the existence of only one God, and that both are trying to do what this one God wants”:

They “asked fellow Muslims to help them raise $20,000 to help rebuild two US graveyards that had been desecrated in anti-Semitic attacks – [that] goal was reached within just three hours”: