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News and Analysis (9/17/18)

Monday, September 17th, 2018

“Working as an eye doctor in East Jerusalem, I saw first-hand how Israel maims Palestinians as a form of crowd control. Now Trump is cutting U.S. funds to the hospitals that treat them”:

“While the effectiveness of Iran’s online disinformation networks is far from established … a widespread campaign of social media manipulation by actors who are opposed to the government in Tehran has had many analysts eyeing Iran’s enemies for clues to who might be behind the project”:

If at least one “Muslim” character is connected to “Islamist terrorism,” “irrationally angry,” “superstitious, culturally backwards or anti-modern,” “a threat to a Western way of life,” a misogynistic male or an oppressed female, “then the film/show fails the test”:

“This goes against diplomatic norms. Children, spouses and family have nothing to do with political rows”–Ambassador Husam Zomlot:

The impact of Islam on China goes back to the seventh century and Liu Zhi, the “most profound figure in the intellectual history of China … described Prophet Muhammad as a sage who was the “culmination of the achievements of the 10 thousand generations of former (Chinese) sages”:

“The Hollywood Reporter’s Venice review said that while the pic is ‘lensed with great sensitivity and style and superbly acted, it has one drawback for Western audiences in its perplexing plot points based on the local culture and customs'”:

“They say I’ve been ‘forced’ to wear the hijab and that my parents have made me wear it. Believe me, once you’ve met me, you’ll know that I’m not the sort of person who can be made to do anything”:

Spiderman to the rescue: “[I]n a climate in which the religion of Islam and depictions of its adherents are often laughably wrong and usually offensive, here we find an example that is incredibly spot on”:

The “soldiers broke into and violently searched many homes in the town, and interrogated scores of residents, before abducting nine teenage boys. … [T]he soldiers were accompanied by several Israeli intelligence officers, who also stormed homes and buildings” …

… The inequality between “the military and civilian court systems in Israel” is demonstarted by the fact that “Palestinians living in the West Bank are tried and imprisoned by the Israeli military, whose prison system does not typically include an option for parole”:

News and Analysis (9/15/18)

Saturday, September 15th, 2018

“Khankan says she is not challenging the Quran, just rewriting a male-dominated way of worship … ‘by promoting and disseminating new narratives, with a focus on gender equality. It’s not a reform. We’re going back to the essence of Islam'”:

“For Palestinians, America was never an honest broker,” but Trump and Kushner have dropped the facade completely to openly embrace the occupation and offer billions of dollars to the Palestinian leadership to sell out their people’s rights, but so far they have not taken the bait:

When “Dorrie O’Brien proposed that the appointment of Shahid Shafi — who was named vice chairman of the local GOP this summer — be reconsidered in a secret ballot vote … [o]ne Republican booed” but when Shafi “stood to introduce himself, dozens of Republicans gave him a standing ovation”:

Wendy Sherman’s book is “a devastating reminder of just how much the United States invested to build a consensus with allies and adversaries alike, only to have it dismantled by people with a fraction of [her] experience in international matters” …

… more than sanctions, the Iran treaty was possible only because the “United States not only was willing to negotiate but also dropped its unfeasible demand for zero enrichment, leading to a detailed agreement that would ensure that the Iranian nuclear program stayed peaceful”:

Scholars argue that it is “wrong to view Islam as a Malay religion because its teachings [are] universal” and that muftis must “understand different cultures and customs before issuing fatwas”:

After she filed a formal complaint over harassment by prison employees, “she was told she would be put in solitary confinement if she did not remove the scarf before leaving her cell” but a judge dismissed her suit, “saying that it did not provide enough information to show how she had been harmed”:

“In 2017, the agency found that the workers had been harassed and discriminated against for protesting the unannounced policy change that denied them opportunities for obligatory prayer”:

“Israel contends that it’s defending its border and accuses Hamas of using the protests as a screen for attempts to breach the border fence to attack civilians and soldiers. Human rights groups have accused Israeli troops of excessive and unlawful use of force against unarmed protesters”:

News and Analysis (9/12/18)

Wednesday, September 12th, 2018

John Bolton threatens to “use any means necessary” to insulate Israel and the U.S. from what others see as the “recourse for victims of genocide and other war crimes in lawless countries.” offered by the ICC’s “court of last resort [that] seeks to complement, not replace, national courts” …

… while “Senior Palestinian official Saeb Erekat told reporters in Ramallah that the full range of political, economic and security ties would be reassessed in the wake of the Trump administration’s decision on Monday to shut the Palestinian mission in Washington”:

Modern Israel started life “by passing a series of Orwellian laws which enabled the new state to seize Arab-owned land (over 2 million acres were taken…) and demolish 385 Arab villages—all done in the effort to physically erase any evidence of the prior Palestinian presence”:

After repeatedly being disappointed by U.S., Iraq’s kingmakers, now the swing vote between rival Shia factions, see Tehran as a more attractive partner than Washington:

“Iran shares the United Nations’ concern about a potential humanitarian catastrophe in Syria’s Idlib province and will seek to avert it”:

A state dictated French Islam? The author of the report calling for subordination of Islam to the French state is Hakim El Karoui, “an essayist and ex-Rothschild banker, is also the nephew of former Tunisian Prime Minister Hamed Karoui” …

… while in China the state “intends to extend aspects of its crackdown on Islam in the north-western province of Xinjiang to all religions as is evident from the publication of proposed restrictive guidelines for online religious activity“:

He claimed Muslims are offended by the American flag, but now that he’s met some he co-organized a program on demystifying Islam:

Israeli support for the Syrians who would fight Assad’s Iranian ally instead of the dictator himself was tiny, yet they came to depend on it. Then Israel left them in the lurch:

“Turkey, Russia and Iran reached an agreement to conduct bilateral trade in their own currencies, and to avoid the use of US dollars … that included all trade in petroleum, natural gas and other commodities as well as some banking issues”:

The “play’s director, Maryam Kazemi, and the manager of the theatre in which it was hosted, Saeed Assadi … were taken into custody … on $24,000 … bail each [after a] clip on social media showed female actors dancing with men as part of the trailer”:

News and Analysis (9/9/18)

Sunday, September 9th, 2018

Trump thinks he can get Palestinians to accept apartheid by “cutting money to cover cancer treatments and other critical care for Palestinians at Jerusalem hospitals” …

… but instead it will stoke the resistance …

… while Iran mocks the Trump regime’s inconsistency in accusing Iran of “‘squandering’ our resources abroad” one week and then of “not financially supported the Palestinians enough” the next:

“There is no evidence that Iran and al Qaeda cooperated in carrying out terrorist attacks, according to a study … based on detailed analysis of documents seized in Osama bin Laden’s hideout after U.S. forces killed the al Qaeda leader in 2011”:

The Trump Administration promised that despite the ban on immigration from certain Muslim countries they would prioritize “the safety of Christians in the region.” Not true:

Apart from the ritual significance of Mecca and Medina, not since the time of Muhammad’s (pbuh) companions had Arabia been the center  of Muslim geography until restoring its position at the expense of the Ottomans became part of modern Britain’s plans for world domination:

[P]rotesters hold Iranian-backed political parties responsible for the mismanagement and poor services in the city” — Prof. Abbas Kadhim, George Washington University:

An expert on the Iraqi military and Middle East history casts doubt on a Reuters story:

“Currency exchange offices will also be allowed to import gold”:

“The single-camera project follows the life of a Muslim woman who has Cerebral Palsy (Zayid), as she struggles to find love, the right career, and discover who she is separate of her opinionated Muslim parents”:

“Video posted on social media allegedly shows Abu Tuyur in a white T-shirt hurling a rock toward Israeli soldiers from a distance then waving at them before he was struck”:

News and Analysis (9/6/18)

Thursday, September 6th, 2018

“Israel’s new Nation State Law … has already increased the discrimination against Palestinians in Israel to absurd levels: they’re being prohibited from raising chickens, planting potatoes, gathering traditional herbs. Small sewing and knitting factories are being closed down”:

“Amnesty International’s Saudi Arabia campaigner Dana Ahmed called the reports “a disturbing trend in the Kingdom [that] sends a horrifying message that peaceful dissent and expression may be met with the death penalty”:

“[T]his might be the first instance of a government openly using a cryptocurrency to usurp the influence of other governments … [but] it won’t be the first time a government has developed its own cryptocurrency”:

Believing a false Internet report that Muslims had pressured a Catholic Church it removing its cross, Raymond shot down two civilians and two police officers:

“The Salam Sisters represent various racial and ethnic backgrounds…. The dolls were given a wide range of interests and aspirations, including journalism, astronomy, art, history, sports and social leadership”:

The Zionist Organization of America “which had not long ago been accusing Qatar of funding Hamas and terrorism” changed sides in return for Qatar’s suppressing a documentary with “explosive revelations” about Israeli interference in American affairs that could undermine pro-Israeli sentiment in America …

… sentiment already declining as “77 percent of Israelis approved of President Donald Trump’s handling of U.S.-Israel relations, while only 34 percent of American Jews did. Eighty-five percent of Israelis supported” moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem compared to 42% of American Jews:

News and Analysis (9/3/18)

Monday, September 3rd, 2018

“Islam does provide for women’s rights, but enforcement is the problem” in South Africa. “How do you leave someone desolate when you know that person was an equal contributor to that marriage?”

An 11-year old student says the madrassa is “friendly and you can practice your religion freely. It’s just a normal school and teaches us about Islam and to respect other faiths so we can make friends. I am very excited about going to high school but I will be sorry to leave”:

At its 2017 world premiere the Berlin International Film Festival, the movie in  which “ex-inmates re-enacted their interrogations and discussed the humiliation they experienced during their detention … won the main documentary prize … and one of three audience awards”:

Blaming “the parties and in the international community’s lack of will or utter inability to bring about a negotiated and peaceful resolution of the conflict between Israel and Palestine,” Krahenbuhl said, “The attempt to make UNRWA somehow responsible for perpetuating the crisis is disingenuous at best”:

Forced into the role of spokeswoman for Islam, an 11-year old girl came to find changing minds fun, but she came to see impressing her “peers by existing as adequately human … as disheartening”:

Forgiving her attacker in court as he pleads guilty, a Muslim teen says, “In the end, because of you I felt so much pain and betrayal and hardships in my life. Because of you, I grew, I forgave and I began changing the world one person at a time”:

A punishment intended to humiliate rather than inflict pain on two women arrested for engaging lesbian sex in a car in a public square draws condemnation of human rights groups. “Lesbian sex is illegal for Muslims in Malaysia under Islamic laws, but not for the country’s … ethnic Chinese and Indians”:

There is no mention of a reward of 72 virgins to martyrs in the Qur’an. Farhana Qazi explains how the twisting of an obscure hadith demonstrates that “[w]ithout proper context, extremists [and, we would add, Islamophobes] will remain forever ignorant and merciless”:

“Media reports say British officials have been asking Japanese officials how they were able to avoid parts of earlier sanctions against Iran”: