News and Analysis (11/6/13)

In sustaining the ban, the court endorses not only the kangaroo trail of Morsi, but the arrests of thousands of his followers , “including nearly all of the Brotherhood’s senior figures” and the slaughter of “[m]ore than 1,200 pro-Morsi protesters”:

“This judgment sends a message to Emirati citizens that engaging in free-thinking political debate and criticizing their government are treasonous acts” — Joe Stork, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch:

“The crimes committed during the mutiny were utterly reprehensible and heinous,  [but j]ustice will not be achieved by conducting mass trials of hundreds of individuals, torturing suspects in custody and sentencing them to death after trials that failed to meet the most fundamental standards of due process”:

The top ten figures in Foreign Policy’ survey of the world’s ten top intellectuals range from conservative to progressive, from pietist to secular, but every one of them is Muslim suggesting that Muslims have the edge in Internet savvy:

Iran and Russia less reliable sources of energy, Turkey has turned ti its Kurdish resources, but “to stave off political tension with Baghdad and Washington, the parties did not sign a government-to-government deal; instead, they turned the KRG energy portfolio over to public and private energy companies”:

The fact that IAEA Director-General Yukiya Aman is considering Iran’s invitation suggests that,notwithstanding the Israeli attempts to scuttle them, the Geneva talks may be heading into a successful home stretch:

“Ours is a piece of bread soaked in blood. You leave your family shortly before dawn, but you never know for sure if you will return home at the end of the day. Nothing is certain and we live in a constant state of anxiety” — Muhammad Ibrahim Hantash, laborer, for whom going to work can mean “prison, injury, and even death”:

“Saudi police killed an Ethiopian migrant who tried to flee arrest, authorities said Wednesday, as a crackdown on foreigners working illegally in the kingdom widens with more than 16,000 arrests”:

“Storytelling also offers transformative ways to speak with our community on uncomfortable issues like sexuality, gender, spiritual struggles, and controversial personal decisions”and to transcend “the political narratives that often enslave us to outdated, inaccurate stereotypes” …

… but Sana Amanat has chosen to tell her story in the medium of Muslim comic book superhero …

… but in Iran those who would sing their stories but do so underground:


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