News and Analysis (11/8/13)

With John Kerry planning to join the negotiations as they seem to near conclusion, Iran Foreign Minister Zarif compares his country’s own hardliners to those in the US:

“Supporters of Egypt’s toppled president clashed with opponents Friday as security forces fired tear gas to break up their demonstrations over detained female protesters, part of an effort to draw wider support for their dwindling rallies. At least two people were killed and 20 were injured, an official said”:

“Egypt said on Friday it would hold parliamentary elections in February or March, with presidential polls in early summer, and that the political arm of ousted president Mohamed Mursi’s banned Muslim Brotherhood could participate.” Good luck, with their leaders all in detention:

Muslims may have little interest in the British “Islamic” bond that pays no interest. Says one Muslim banker in Britain, “The whole system has been hijacked by a small number of scholars earning huge sums who lack the most basic understanding of economics”:

Has Congress cut off the nose of holocaust victims to spite the face of Zionism? “The suspension of US contributions, which accounted for $80m a year – 22% of Unesco’s overall budget – brought the agency to the brink of a financial crisis and forced it to cut or scale back US-led initiatives such as Holocaust education and tsunami research”:

Building a wall to split a subject community? Why does that sound sop disturbingly familiar?

“I absolutely was critical of the military action. I never supported it. I supported the unity of the country, but that was a political support, nothing to do with military action or atrocities” — Chowdhury Mueen Uddin:

Ms. Marvel may not be the first Muslim superhero, but as an American Muslim female superhero she can “open the eyes of a new generation of comic book readers to the mostly unseen, unknown complexities of being a Muslim-American woman”:


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