News and Analysis (11/11/13)

A deal is on the table, but  the devil is in the details, especially as to what the West is willing to give in response to the Iranian concessions after Iran’s concessions on inspections:

“After a vote early Monday in Istanbul, the Syrian National Coalition agreed to attend a proposed peace conference with President Bashar Assad’s government … only if the Syrian government allowed the creation of humanitarian corridors to reach besieged areas and if it released detainees, especially woman and children”:

A family of this Muslim patient has a greater faith n the power of science than the doctors treating him:

Isra Almodallal “a 23-year-old who speaks fluent British-accented English, has assumed a post normally held by tough-talking men who voice Hamas’ bitter opposition to Israel. She will be responsible for the Gaza government’s communications with the international media.” She looks forward “to having a different and unique language. We will make the issues more human”:

Remember when Lady Gaga was denied a visa to Indonesia? Now the shoe is on the other foot as the UK debies visas to three Muslim musical acts, Desert Rose, who are a band from South Africa, Hamid Ahmet from Turkey and Muhamed Al Masri from Libya:

“Egypt is leaving hundreds of Palestinians from Syria with no protection from Syria’s killing fields except indefinite detention in miserable conditions” — Joe Stork, HRW Middle East deputy director:

“The only exception, of course, is their opposition to any form of communalism”:

“After Hassan’s announcement, hundreds of supporters of former President Mohamed Nasheed poured into the streets to demand Hassan’s resignation, throwing stones and bottles at police”:

“Protesters have shut Libya’s gas export pipeline to Italy, its only customer, demanding more rights for the Amazigh, or Berber, minority”:

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