News and Analysis (5/9/14)

The court found that prohibiting inmates from gathering “in groups of more than four for unsupervised religious services” and providing “staff to supervise only one hour of religious services per week for each faith group …. violated Muslim inmates’ rights … and that they do not relate to a “legitimate penological interest”:

“Proposals to make EU laws more like America’s are ?hugely controversial … particularly among groups who say the opaqueness of the US system tramples human rights”:

“Abu Hamza’s decision is unusual. Defendants rarely testify in the US. Lawyers advise against it because the defendants may come across poorly during cross-examination. Sometimes, though, they speak. ‘He has nothing to lose,’ says Marc Sageman, the author of Leaderless Jihad”:

“The six powers and Iran are striving to find an acceptable compromise that would enable Tehran to carry on with … restrained enrichment, geared solely to yield energy for civilian uses, would be closely monitored by the International Atomic Energy Agency”:

“Yemeni authorities on Thursday expelled without explanation an American journalist who for years has used his singular access to show the gritty realities of the country’s counterterrorism struggle, from profiling casualties of US drone strikes to revealing the US interception of Al Qaeda’s internal communications”:

“A court in Karachi today granted bail to Joel Cox, an FBI agent who was arrested Monday after he tried to board a domestic flight with a magazine of 9mm bullets. His detention sparked speculation in Pakistan that he was a CIA agent and triggered memories of Raymond Davis”:

The Asad regime holds 270 rebels in Homs after their comrades break the agreement under which they were to be given safe passage out of Homs:

Politicians, celebrities, Muslim religious leaders, and young Muslim girls are unanimous in their contempt for Boko Haram’ …

… but “Amnesty International says it was told by several credible sources that the military was given more than fours hours’ warning of the raid”:

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