News and Analysis (5/12/14)

“Attacks include scurrilous media articles and the so-called Trojan Horse plot in Birmingham, which sees Muslim educationalists and school governors accused of plotting to ‘Islamise’ state schools in the city. The real Trojan Horse plot is the planting of neo-conservative apparatchiks in key positions”:

If “secularist revolutionaries are essentially waiting for a series of public apologies before they will even deal with the group again …, they’re likely to keep waiting. The group, in recent months, had begun internally debating the mistakes and missteps of the Morsi era …[,b]ut those discussions are so far being kept behind closed doors” …

… meanwhile, “Sisi refused to comment on mass trials and sentences against Brotherhood members,” on the one hand professing “the courts were independent” while similultaneously promising to crush “any religious leadership “parallel  to the state and its religious institutions”:

“The government of America is putting a lot of pressure on the Pakistani government for the release of Dr. Shakil Afridi…. Our mission and our wish also was to get him released, but our courts are free and they have to work according to a set procedure. I therefore did not like America’s unjustified pressure”:

“While such crimes are not unusual — a monitoring group found that 32 religious buildings have been vandalized or subjected to arson attempts in the past four years — the frequency of such incidents appears to have increased in recent weeks”:

One “idiot’s rationale seem[s] to boil down to his desire to ‘free’ Muslim women from their men, so that he could call them the names that he dishes out to every other woman that he comes into contact with…. And he wasn’t the only one either”:

As the negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program climaxes in a cross-current of hopes and denunciations …

… we have to ask if America’s cavalier drone deployment has ended in proliferation of that controversial technology:

As Boko Haram continues it violent spree, the one thing that is certain about their abduction of hundreds of schoolgirls is how much is uncertain:

“In the past week, Chinese ­authorities have clashed with residents of the restive western province of Xinjiang, sentenced others to prison and announced new measures that critics say amount to religious and ethnic persecution”:

“Police officials described the debriefing team’s interviews as ‘conversations,’ as opposed to interrogations. But many of those interviewed said that as Muslim immigrants in a post-9/11 world, they felt they had little choice but to cooperate” demonstrating the department continues on people for their religion”:




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