News and Analysis (6/4/14)

“The long arc of Bergdahl’s deployment and captivity is being scrutinized in light of the rising, mostly partisan debate over whether President Obama gave up too much to the Taliban for the 28-year-old soldier’s release”:

The “manager of a bookstore in Jeddah, told al-Hayat that he received orders from the Saudi religious police to remove the books of Odah and Suwaidan from the shelves ‘immediately’ … [and] billionaire Prince al-Waleed Bin Talal … said his TV station has no place for Muslim Brotherhood members” …

… while the Egyptian court that previously sentenced 1,212 MB supporters to death “has sentenced 37 men to death and handed life terms to 492 others,” bizarrely claiming that “‘the accused came out of the depths of hell’ … and used mosques to promote the teachings of ‘their holy book, the Talmud'”:

“Today the Constitution prevailed. It shows that the Constitution upholds the rights of those who are in the minority” —  Prof. Saleh Sbenaty, longtime member of the Islamic Center:

If Muslim majority countries want to put an end to such embarrassing incidents as spoiling a Hindu wedding just because the bride has a Muslim name, the state must keep out of religious matters:

“We can’t take people to heaven by force and with a whip. We shouldn’t interfere in people’s lives to such an extent, even out of compassion. Let them choose their own path to heaven” — Iranian President Hassan Rouhani:

“These comments are just unfortunate and disappointing, but I know it does not reflect the mass majority of people in our society. I believe this country and society as a whole is above such comments.” — Dr.  Shahid Shafi, elected school trustee in the same election as Keller …

… while Peter Robinson, having publicly apologized, wants to move on, explaining, “I can’t spend the rest of my life apologising but what I can do is spend the rest of my life building a united community that I believe that we want in Northern Ireland”:

“Ten generals are under arrest for aiding the extremist group that abducted more than 200 girls in April, causing a global outcry. In Abuja, meanwhile, a ban on protests over the kidnapping was reversed”:

“Prof. Rashid Shaz, a senior faculty member, who is a former President of the Milli Parliament, said that for the first time in independent India, Muslims were able to see the ‘stark political realities that otherwise had been hidden by the secular hypocrisy of the Congress’ Party:

“Proposed legislation to permit the force-feeding of Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike is pitting Israel’s government against the country’s main doctors’ association, which says the practice amounts to torture…. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly asking to fast-track the bill”:

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