News and Analysis (06/13/14)

With the fall of Saddam Hussein’s home town to the most violent and anti-American wing of the terrorists, the prophecies of those who warned against intervention years ago are born out, but the architects of the disaster prescribe more of the poison that brought us where we are now:

“The UK is hosting a meeting about the security situation in north-eastern Nigeria and how to tackle the Islamist Boko Haram militants.” “Correspondents say attacks have increased since the kidnappings”:

For Fox News, a Muslim invocation of the Almighty uttered by the father of recently released POW Bowe Bergdahl constitutes a conquest of the White House for radical Islam …

… while a Muslim college student’s profession, “I am an American” elicits the response, “The question is, are you?” at a Republican convention; “I discovered a cult-like hatred that is simply disgusting”:

Abadi believes that there is no substitute to dialogue, “and it is unrealistic to try to ban religion and Islam from politics: It’s always been there, as choices are made on social and political values, and it will always be.”

“The UK will not be getting militarily involved in Iraq, despite Islamist militants gaining control of more of the country, William Hague has said…. Earlier Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said he did not believe Western forces should go back into Iraq”:

“[I]n order to be accepted within the academia, the writings of Muslim academics must not be identifiable as Islamic thought, but just more expressions of ‘academic objectivity’. Put differently, if the primary role of the academy is to inculcate obedience to the state”:

“Muslims’ leaders in Kenya called for the imam’s killers to be found, and warned about further attacks on moderate Muslim clerics like Mr. Idris, who often spoke against the militant ideology of Al Shabab, the Somalia-based terror group”:

“Unlike his predecessor, who largely avoided commenting on shady politics, Mr. Sanusi has a history of speaking out against government corruption and presidential ineptitude. He was sacked by Mr Jonathan as the bank’s governor for alleging that oil revenue worth $20 billion had gone missing”:

News of “a disturbing sign of the increased cooperation between militant groups in Pakistan … came the same day that the U.S. broke its five-month hiatus on drone strikes with a strike in the Pakistan tribal areas that killed three militants”:

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