News and Analysis (9/6/14)

An Israeli occupying Syrian vineyards in the Golan Heights, says the Asad regime “is not our cup of tea, [but]… we prefer that the Syrian army controls this region and not a group of radical Al-Qaeda Muslim people”:

“[T]he core coalition only included one Muslim nation, Turkey. The US secretary of state, John Kerry, will now travel to the Middle East to build support for a military confrontation with Isis, an organisation that Obama said ‘killed innocents and enslaved women'”:

With Indian Muslims’ vocal rejection of Zawahiri’s overtures, underscoring how rival hirabist groups are overtaking the a dwindling al-Qaeda core force:

“Lost in the often vitriolic debate, however, are the voices of Muslim women…. ‘While we shouldn’t assume that wearing the hijab immunizes Muslim women from negative body image, our results do suggest that wearing the hijab may help some women reject prescriptive beauty ideals,” said lead author Dr. Viren Swami:

Iranian officials including a source close to Khamenei deny a report that Iran is raedy to cooperate with the US against IS. “Even without an official stamp of approval, both the US and Iran have found themselves on the same side of the Iraqi battlefield since Baghdad’s forces collapsed” …

… and “[d]espite Tehran’s concerns about separatism within its own Kurdish community, it ‘was the first country to provide us with weapons and ammunition’ to fight the militants, Kurdish President Massoud Barzani said late last month”:

The Sisi regime adds new charges to the prosecution of his predecessor, but is no more successful at dealing with Egypt’s electricity shortage:

” A spokesman for Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah … Mujib Rahman Rahimi said Saturday that an equitable power-sharing deal could defuse tensions, but that otherwise postelection violence could break out”:

Investigative reporter Glenn Greenwald has refuted “bizarre claim that NSA documents released by Edward Snowden “prove” the US and Israel are behind al-Baghdadi’s actions”. The why do so many Muslims believe it, and similar absurdities? In part, it is because they have been lied to so often before:

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