News And Analysis (01/7/15)

“The Muslim Council of France, and of Britain, have denounced today’s attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo. As they know, one of the aims of the jihadis is to try to speak for Islam – but they have been joined in their condemnation by hundreds of Muslims on Twitter” …

… and Tariq Ramadan, who says that using “frustrations that we have in the West as to … equal citizenship and racism … to support what is in fact not acceptable … has to be condemned” …

… and Irshad Manji says, “As a monotheist, I am not God. Nor am I entitled to behave as God. Hence my duty to let a thousand nonviolent flowers bloom. In short, to devote myself to Allah is to love liberty” …

… and Simon Jenkins says, “the most effective response is to meet terrorism on its own terms. It is to refuse to be terrified. It is not to show fear, not to overreact, not to over-publicise the aftermath”:

“The head of the world’s largest Islamic organization on Monday paid a rare visit to Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque,putting himself in direct opposition to those “religious leaders [who say] that the city should be avoided while under Israeli control”:

The West tells its  Muslim citizens “to speak out: it wants them to support its foreign policies and its domestic policies (on surveillance and terrorism, for example).But it only wants them to speak out if they are supportive of the particular policies of the particular political party in power”:

“The Michigan Muslim Community Council has partnered with Islamic Relief USA, the largest Muslim charity organization in the country, to help thousands of households at risk of having their water shut off”:

“Social websites including YouTube, Twitter and Facebook have already been blocked by censors, though many young and Web-savvy Iranians use proxy servers or other workarounds to bypass the controls”:

The polarization in Germany continues to accelerate:

Palestinians “will focus on last year’s 50-day war between Israel and the Islamic militant Hamas group in Gaza and on Israeli settlement construction on occupied lands…. The court’s 2002 founding charter says a state commits a war crime if it transfers its civilians to territory it occupies”:


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