News and Analysis (2/9/15)

“In unverified recordings supposedly of Sisi and his chief of staff, Abbas Kamel, the man said to be Sisi says Saudi Arabia, Egypt’s most generous donor, should pay $10bn (£6.5bn) directly into the army’s account, circumventing the rest of the Egyptian state”:

“Mr. Greste, Mr. Fahmy, and their Egyptian colleague Baher Mohamed were each sentenced last year to seven to 10 years in prison on terrorism-related charges in what was widely regarded as a show trial…. Greste was unexpectedly set free last week” …

… meanwhile, “Bahrain-based Al Arab Television, owned by Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, was taken off the air a day after debuting with an interview with a local opposition leader. ‘Technical’ reasons were cited”:

“We achieved what we aimed for. We destroyed logistics centers, arms depots and targeted hideouts of their fighters” — General Mansour al-Jbour, head of the Jordanian airforce”:

“Some fear Yemen’s southern secessionists will see this as a good moment to break away, although splits in their own ranks have so far prevented them from taking such a step”:

“He’s a rapper, a cop, a congressman and, yes, a Muslim. Welcome to America, where such things are possible”:

“‘I am for reaching a good settlement and the Iranian nation too will certainly not oppose any deal to uphold its dignity and integrity,’ Khamenei said, an apparent warning to hardliners that they might have to accept a deal with powers including the United States”:

“Muslims arrived here before the founding of the United States — not just a few, but thousands. They have been largely overlooked because they were not free to practice their faith. They were not free themselves and so they were for the most part unable to leave records of their beliefs”:

“The attack would appear to deal a blow to the Islamic State group’s efforts to develop a local affiliate to challenge the long-dominant Taliban”:

“The death of at least 40 militant, highly politicized, and street battle-hardened Egyptian soccer fans in clashes with security forces … dashed hopes that the Al Sisi government may adopt a less brutal approach to its civil society opponents”:

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