News and Analysis (7/11/15)

“[T]he new law has been criticised as a direct assault on freedom of speech and a move towards a police state” and “280 academics, lawyers and public figures claim the controversial law will make Britain less safe”:

“A split has sharpened in the Muslim Brotherhood. Some members are calling for violence against the state after Egyptian security forces killed nine people in the outlawed group” creating a “leadership vacuum”:

In the race to good deeds,  “a group of Muslim nonprofits … has raised more than $58,000 from over 1,300 donors” so far while a “broad coalition of … religious institutions has raised more than $150,000”:

Muslim women may now wear head scarves during photos, “be searched by female officers without men present,” and, if jailed, may wear hoods of tear resistant synthetic fiber so they can’t hang themselves:

“People think [temporary marriage] is tawdry, but it’s a piece of paper that allows you to live normally. We both suggested it at the same time – I don’t know who said it first, but we had both been thinking of it'”:

With major issues still unresolved in the negotiations …

… Iranian hardliners and moderates agree that should the talks fail, observers could not blame Iran, which Rouhani says has been patient and “logical,” but the U.S., which Khamenei says exemplified “global arrogance”:

“The U.N.-brokered pause in the fighting was meant to last a week to allow aid deliveries to the country’s 21 million people who have endured over three months of bombing and civil war”:

Perhaps some just wont forgive Vucic’s wartime pledge to kill a hundred Bosniaks for every dead Serb, while others thought his apology hollow after his Russian ally vetoed a UN move to call the atrocities genocide“:

“Geller told the Daily News she seeks an award of only $1,” but she’s not doing it for the $1 (or for the principle), but to open “the door to an award of attorney’s fees, which in this case will be north of $100K”:

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