News and Analysis (7/13/15)

“[W]e now treat each refugee on the grounds of their race, religion or purpose of flight (“migration”). We do not treat them as human beings. And thus we betray all our religions and all our cultures”:

Chinese government is restricting minorities’ – mainly Tibetan and Muslim – ability leave the country:

“Their didactic spiels offer to Muslims one of two options: their allegedly enlightened brand of Islam or the flawed version of the masses”:

Although previous plans to build at the site were overturned because of the cemetary, Jerusalem municipality has now approved building plans:

Promoting the “Israeli officer accused of killing protesters to post of national police chief … tells other police officers that not only will it not harm your career to commit crimes against Arabs, but it can take you to the very top'”:

Three terrorist attacks in Iraq targeting mainly Shiite Muslims killed 35 on Sunday:

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