News and Analysis (7/14/15)

A nuclear deal with Iran has been reached and will now be voted on in Congress. The deal has stirred up heavy opposition from the Israeli government and Christian Zionist in Congress:

The reason Scotland’s Muslims are less likely to support extremism than their English counterparts seems to be because they are not as marginalized by the government:

… Meanwhile, Islamophobic laws along with deep socioeconomic problems within the Muslim community in Tajikistan leads to fear of radicalization:

A 23-year-old man with a history of mental problems has been arrested after FBI equipped him with weapons, bringing one’s thoughts to Trevor Aaronson’s TEDtalk on how the FBI is “creating terrorists”:

A video shows that the teen who was shot dead by Israeli military on July 3 was not posing a threat. This leads Israeli Human Rights group B’Tselem to question Israel’s ability to investigate its own military:

The Mecca live story on Snapchat generates positive reactions – “I’m ecstatic that Snapchat showcased this special and momentous occasion, because for the vast majority of the world’s Muslims, THIS is what Islam is all about!” – says Muslim scholar Yasir Qadhi:

Muslim women are “calling out” Muslim events with no women represented. “One of the most egregious and hilarious examples recently was a fundraiser for a social service organization to — wait for it — empower women!”:

“Plans by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a U.S.-based Jewish organization, to open a museum adjacent to the site also angered Palestinians, who said the project violated its stated mission of promoting tolerance”:

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