News and Analysis (7/15/15)

“Obama spoke in a lawyerly tone, at times mocking opponents of the deal, including … Netanyahu, for offering no viable alternative. He dismissed critics’ objections one by one and even solicited others from journalists”:

With a nuclear deal with Iran negotiated, Ian Black assess the obstacles to further rapprochement with the U.S.:

A close relative saying that a group of British and South African tourists may have been detained on unspecified charges simply “because many of them had … Muslim names”

Are Americans warming up to Muslims? Only 60% of Americans would vote for a Muslim president; but Connecticut’s first Muslim mayor is “encouraged by an upward trajectory”:

The reason why the peace talks in Yemen are unsuccessful is because no one wants to stop fighting – and it’s hurting Yemen civilians:

And you thought fluoride was bad? A small Texas town is in a frenzy over the the threat of decaying Muslim corpses polluting their water supply …

… but Congress is no better; critics claim proposed legislation conflates “behaviors that are associated with religious practices and political activism”:

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