News & Analysis (8/1/16)

The president authorized strikes on Sirte, Libya after the UN-backed government requested help:

Israel–already the biggest recipient of US foreign aid by far, is set to receive even more, in a 10 year plan:

In an act of solidarity, Muslims visited Churches on Sunday to show their respect to their Christian brothers and sisters:

“41 prominent French Muslims issued … [a call]¬†for ‘a cultural battle against radical Islamism among the youth’ … [that would] include transparent funding of mosques, proper training and salaries for imams and theological work”:

“The pope’s comments came hours after Muslims throughout France attended a Catholic Mass following the [murder] of 85-year-old Father Jacques Hamel … [for which Daesh] has claimed responsibility”:

Norway has established a mandatory class for refugees and migrants who are Muslim, on how women ought to be treated in the West, but the students think the teachers are equally ignorant of Muslim culture:

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