News and Analysis (3/1/17)

“I’m glad Trump condemned antisemitism. He didn’t acknowledge attacks on Muslims though nor did he talk about white extremism. There were many gaps in his logic” — MPAC ‘s Salam Al-Maryati:

Despite ” a report by intelligence analysts … [of] insufficient evidence that citizens of the seven Muslim-majority countries posed a terror threat to the United States” only Iraq will be removed from the ban:

“[M]y job is to tell the truth and then try to connect with these characters and people as honestly and deeply as possible… [S]pirituality can be a doorway to “more empathy for these people” …

… but “[a]ccording to Pakistani law, Ali isn’t a Muslim … [because] Ali follows the Ahmadiyya sect of Islam, which … was criminalized and its practices equated with blasphemy”:

“Asked why he helped non-Muslims, he said: ‘Because my ambulance is more Muslim than you'”:

“The major ‘common point’ between Christianity and Islam, Michel said, is that both faiths believe in the existence of only one God, and that both are trying to do what this one God wants”:

They “asked fellow Muslims to help them raise $20,000 to help rebuild two US graveyards that had been desecrated in anti-Semitic attacks – [that] goal was reached within just three hours”:

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