News and Analysis (1/1/18)

Cheered on by Israel’s intelligence minister, anti-government protesters continue demonstrations in Iran in defiance of a warning by the authorities of a tough crackdown …

… but if they were instigated  by hardliners hoping to embarrass Rouhani they may  have quickly gotten out of control, taken over by economically aggrieved people with neither affection for the Islamic republic nor hope of reform:

She won’t win the election  but she may prevent Putin from getting “his traditional 146 percent from the republic” of Dagestan:

The fatwa encouraging Muslims to inquire after and care for “their non-Muslim neighbors … comes as part of an awareness campaign launched by the center to show solidarity with our Christian brothers during their feasts”:

The government wants “refugees who have formal agreements with refugee resettlement agencies” excluded from the definition of”refugees who have a bona fide relationship with people or entities in the United States”:

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan threatens to “promote the recognition of our sovereignty of the Jewish settlements in” the West Bank:

Although “Israeli forces … have left at least a dozen Palestinians dead and hundreds injured … religious scholars remain dedicated to non-violent strategies for securing rights and security for both Israelis and Palestinians”:

A $10 million reward offer never produced “information leading to [a] conviction over the Mumbai attacks, [yet Washington] warned Islamabad of repercussions after a Pakistani court in late November released him from house arrest”:

A Hindu woman “slammed the police for harassing her and her friend and claimed that it was solely because her friend was a Muslim”:

A man “dressed up in a shark costume … fell foul of … [Austria’s] anti-burka law,” prompting one Muslim woman to suggest the common voice uncovered by the #MeToo movement be extended to “to women who are different to us”:

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