News and Analysis (3/1/18)

Enlightenment scholars saw Islamic culture “as a holistic set of religious, intellectual, and literary traditions deserving respect and attention … that would yield intellectual, aesthetic, and even moral enrichment in a variety of fields”:

Forced to expose themselves to strange men by Brooklyn police, the women felt “exposed, violated and distraught”:

Residents are classed “‘safe,’ ‘normal,’ or ‘unsafe,’ based on metrics such as age, faith, religious practices, foreign contacts, and experience abroad. Those deemed unsafe … are regularly detained and imprisoned without due process”:

Pamela Geller’s daughter explain, “Our views are separate from our mother’s. … We do not condone discrimination or racist beliefs of any kind”:

“A reluctant Russia calls for a temporary cease-fire in Ghouta, reflecting the idea that the sovereignty of innocent lives matters more than national sovereignty”:

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