News and Analysis (3/4/19)

“The increased contacts between the evangelical community and the Arab world could certainly contribute to changes in how Arab countries conduct their ties with Israel”:

“Calculating that both the public and many in the political elite would rally behind him, his wager compelled key Iranian leaders to renew their confidence in him” …

… In Zarif’s view, the [ anti-terrorism financing] law is essential to help the European Union develop a way of getting around American sanctions. But opponents of the law … bogged the legislation down … committee”:

Two supporters of Israel warn that the failure of Kushner’s plan for the Palestinians to exchange core values such as right of return for economic incentives will come”with a cost” to Israel:

“For first time since 2014, some 800 Palestinians are permitted to leave for Umrah pilgrimage via the Rafah crossing”:

Noting that in the Qur’an, “monogamy was the rule and polygamy a restricted exception,” Egypt’s grand mufti argued that the practice is “often an injustice to women and children”:

More than a response to “heightened anxiety … and fears of a growing tide of hate crime” Muslims believe that “there are certain cases where we feel if we had been around we could have served as a preventive service”:

“We have allowed national level politics to become a cancer on our state, to become a cancer on our legislature, to invade our chamber in a way that frankly makes me ashamed” — WV Republican House Speaker:

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