News and Analysis (10/9/09)

A university supporter’s succinct rebuttal: “The purest place on earth is not segregated, and that is the holy mosque in Mecca”:

The opposition denies the legitimacy of the confession, claiming al-Zamani “had absolutely no links with the Americans and hasn’t been involved in any operations inside Iran. His job was simply to pass on news for our radio station and to make broadcast packages”:

Egyptians point to US support for Mubarak as a direct contradiction to the US calls for democracy across the Middle East:

Amidst criticism from the international community, Hamas and ordinary Palestinians:

As the Obama administration comes to the realization that the Taliban is “deeply rooted” in Afghanistan …

… There is blowback across the border asĀ  US-promoted Pakistani military action revives a “long-dormant nationalism movement among ethnic Pashtuns”:

Foreign Minister Lieberman plans to tell Mitchell that a comprehensive peace deal between Israel and Palestine is “impossible,” dooming it from the start:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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