News and Analysis (10/10-11/09)

Negotiations deferred the question of the Armenian Genocide to a committee of historical experts for study while normalizing economic and diplomatic relations:

Amnesty International “fears Zamani’s death sentence will pave the way for more death sentences against those being tried on similar offenses”:

Israel, Palestine and Syria all respond positively to Obama’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize…

… However, Pakistani reactions range from “irritation and outrage” believing the award was given largely based on Obama’s image rather than action:

Treated as criminals, Afghan workers have been detained since 2008 as material witnesses against their will:

Abu-Zuhri requested a delay in the signing of a Palestinian peace accord, believing “the atmosphere is not right for the signing of an accord”:

“[A]ttacking Al-Aqsa [was] an assault on our dignity and presence, identity, civilization and an assault the Christians as well as on the Muslims; we are one people with one cause”:


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