News and Analysis (10/15/09)

A deal preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons but allowing the country to continue to enrich uranium could be a win-win solution …

… but Nobel Laureate Shirin Ebadi warns that focus on Iran’s nuclear ambitions than issues “of democracy and freedom is a mistake both tactical and moral”:

Only 15% of Pakistanis support accepting the aid package, believing that ” foreign assistance doesn’t deliver development”:

Will Goldstone’s report lead to any meaningful action against Israeli disproportional warfare and victimization of civilians?

“US officials have said that Damascus had curbed the flow of foreign fighters into Iraq over the past two years but has been unwilling to completely crack down on anti-Iraq extremists in an apparent attempt to maintain leverage over Iraq”:

Judge Urbina closed the pretrial hearingsĀ  to the public arguing the rights of the five guards to a fair trial outweighed the public’s interest in the proceedings:


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