News and Analysis (10/16/09)

The bill removes an obstacle for trial of indictable detainees to  be tried in American Courts:

US strategy in Afghanistan may continue to remain in limbo until central leadership can be consolidated:

Beyond defending Israeli brutality, Netanyahu’s protests reveal a dictatorial streak: “Israel’s only real crime is that it does not have an automatic majority in the UN”:

Satisfied that American troops will be withdrawn in accord with SOFA, Iraqi politicians have dropped the issue of early withdrawal to plan for January election:

Concerned that the text lacks a statement of the Palestinians right to resist the Zionist occupation, Hamas has asked for more time for internal consultations:

Some Islamic scholars question the “intellectual legitimacy” of a new book “‘opening a new window’ to promote a moderate Islamic view among Islamists” issued by LIFG leaders jailed for two years for plotting the overthrow of Qaddafi:

Illustrating the growing strain in Israeli/Turkish relations:


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