News and Analysis (10/19/09)

Costs of operation for the Taliban are so low that even an effective strategy reducing their income may have little impact on their effectiveness:

How will Iranian suspicions of foreign intervention complicate the upcoming Nuclear talks scheduled in Vienna?

An increase in Western recruits for Al-Qaeda fuels anxieties over a looming terrorist attack:

Pakistani anti-terrorism strategy largely focuses on threats to Pakistan rather than groups that poses threats to Afghanistan, India, or the US:

The White House Chief of Staff says it would be reckless to decide on troop levels without first determining whether there is an “Afghan partner ready to complement U.S. troops “and become a true partner in governing”:

“The Hamas rhetoric of dignity and resistance resonates in the West Bank, where they don’t have to live under Hamas but they see only weakness on the part of Abbas’s authority.”


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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