News and Analysis (12/15/09)

Competing governments, along with differences in birthrates, refugee population, cultural and religious attitudes, and prosperity all contribute to the growing distinction between Gaza and the West Bank

“[P]ublic silence and private anger” is Pakistani reaction to US suggestions that would threaten their plans to stabilize relations with Afghanistan after the US withdrawal:

A positive sign for the closing of Guantanamo:

Livni was forced to cancel a trip to England under the fear arrest for her part in Israel’s war on Gaza:

In anticipation that orthodox beliefs would interfere with soldiers ability to carry out orders:

With Iranian demands that the US release several Iranian prisoners, analysts believe the trial of the Americans will be used as a bargaining chip:

A former prosecutor anticipates US officials would likely resort to a “conspiracy” prosecution and offer one of the men a plea bargain in exchange for testimony against the others:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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