News and Analysis (12/17/09)

Although immunity for nearly 6,000 politicians has been revoked, Zardari still has presidential immunity, but his opponents plan to challenge his eligibility as a candidate for the presidency:

Despite lax standards and very lenient rules for domestic spying, the DHS still managed to violate the law in investigation the Nation of Islam:

As Khamenei vows to defend Gaza in the event of another Israeli attack…

… Iran chooses to demonstrate the extent of it’s military capabilities:

The latest sign that Afghanistan’s troubles are working to destabilize the entire region:

Over Hamas’s objections to “Abbas’s refusal to release detainees and to enable Palestinian elections to be held in mid-2010,” the PLO central committee grants Abbas an indefinite extension:

Muhammad Idrees Ahmad explains his pessimism:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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