News and Analysis (12/19-20/09)

“It is like a cake that everyone wants a piece of … With all our problems — security, the economy, corruption — the gap between the people and the government is growing every day”:

An estimated 850,00 Iranians will be affected when Tehran’s research facility runs out of nuclear fuel, which could happen as early as spring 2010:

The suspect has retracted his confession, claiming that police tortured him into admitting his role in the attack and that he came to Mumbai as a tourist and was arrested 20 days before the siege began:

Will religious nationalists rebel now that they confront the contradictions inherent in the politicization of religion?

Although both sides still lay claims to the well, the conflict shows signs of deescalation:

The man Khomeini wanted to succeed him, father of the reform movement, who “accused the country’s ruling Islamic establishment of imposing dictatorship in the name of Islam” has passed away:

Gareth Power explains how the U.S. obsession with Iran gives undeserved beaks to North Korea:


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