News and Analysis (2/17/10)

The U.S. led forces hedge on their apology as Afghan Interior Minister claims the the civilians killed were hostages of the Taliban:

Accusations of Mossad involvement in the assassination are boosted by the discovery:

Commissioner Nina Shea defends the agency’s de-emphasis of discrimination in places like Western Europe and Israel with the claim that “the alleged persecution isn’t as extreme as in places like Saudi Arabia or Pakistan”:

The influence of women in Iraqi politics is particularly important given that “Iraqi women have higher rates of poverty and unemployment than men, and lower levels of education”:

Ahmadinejad’s difficult task in attempting to adhere to domestic pressure while meeting the international community’s demands:

Signs of renewed diplomatic relations, Robert Ford awaits Senate confirmation:

From an operational standpoint, the arrest of Baradar was much more important; however, Bin Laden remains a powerful symbol for Al Qaeda and its self-styled global jihad:

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