News and Analysis (6/2/11)

“The gender-segregated station is an oddity in a country where Gadhafi’s mix of personality cult and authoritarian, socialist-style rule has pushed women to break cultural taboos, even as it savagely prevents other freedoms”:

“Religious pluralism may be inferred from the Qur’an itself and the abundant commentary literature on it from the early centuries of Islam” but “roughly after the ninth century, this pluralist impulse began to be progressively diluted and compromised”:

With 15 more reported dead as Syrian troops renew their attacks, “Hakim Al Masmari, editor of the Yemen Post, told Al Jazeera that an estimated 2,000 additional fighters ‘armed and ready to fight’ have entered Sanaa to reinforce the Hashed confederation” against the Saleh regime:

“A representative of Syria’s outlawed Muslim Brotherhood on Thursday dismissed President Bashar Assad’s declaration of a pardon, saying the Syrian leader should be seeking ‘amnesty from the people for himself’:

Civil society institutions  in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao have no faith in the electoral process in thePhillipines:

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