News and Analysis (6/8/11)

In Saleh’s absence, the “opposition coalition, the Joint Meeting Party (JMP) …  includes the main Islamist Islah party, socialists, Nasserists and some newer independent parties.” Beyond the general objective of a political solution to the crisis, “details of the expected duration or specific areas of negotiation remain unclear”:

As Syrians flee to Turkey in fear of retribution for the deaths of Syrian soldiers, “France 24 issued a statement saying it was possible the station had been manipulated and said it would sue those responsible if so”:

The ADL says the man behind the ‘mosque study” is also behind “Anti-Muslim, Anti-Immigration And Anti-Black Materials, As Well As New World Order-Style Conspiracy Theories” and “Proposed Legislation That Furthering Or Supporting Adherence To Shari’a ‘Shall Be A Felony Punishable By 20 Years In Prison”:

Officiating at Weiner’s wedding, Bill Clinton warned it is “easy to distrust [politicians], whatever their religion.” Weiner’s defense of  Zionist brutality should have been a red-flag to his Muslim bride:

While women in the revolt complain that “the rebels appointed only one woman to the interim administration in their de facto capital of Benghazi”:

The postponement of elections in Mindanao is popular, but the postponement of elections in Tunisia aimed at giving 81 new parties a chance to organize could be a slippery slope for the nascent democracy:

“Gingrich’s changing relationship with the Muslim community mirrors a similar evolution in the Republican Party at large”:

“The Brotherhood has built its considerable following, and honed its impressive organizational wherewithal, by striving in the shadows against a police state’s full force,” but its newly recognized political arm, operating in the open, will require new skills:

She used someone else’s Facebook photo and none of her “friends” has ever met her in person:

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