News and Analysis (11/18/07)

George Mason economics professor Tyler Cowen looks at the hidden opportunity costs of the Iraq war and argues the price tag is much more than the $1 trillion estimated by the Congressional Budget office:

Bush’s personal liking of Musharraf for his supposed opposition to the Taliban and Al-Qaeda have led to muted criticism of the general’s martial law and ongoing authoritarianism, meanwhile military forces are being dispatched to put down sectarian violence between Shi’as and Sunnis in northwest Pakistan, but a journalist argues that the Taliban has been “reconstituted into a force for mischief by … the government–of  Pakistan, as a proxy fighting force to advance Pakistan’s long-cherished agenda: to control all or part of Afghanistan”:

Unlike its occupying power, the Iraqi government says that Iran has contributed to stability in the country by dissuading Sadrist militias from committing more violence:

Seeking to assuage international concerns over its nuclear program, Iran says it is willing to discuss having uranium for its power plants enriched in a neutral country such Switzerland:

The Jordanian State continues to gerrymander its electoral districts so it can marginalize Islamist and liberal secular opposition parties and keep pro-government parties in power:

Both the disbarred lawyer and rape victim plan to continue fighting a dubious Saudi legal verdict:


Alejandro Beutel is program assistant for the Minaret of Freedom Institute with expertise in religious freedom, democratization and security issues.

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