News and Analysis (9/1/11)

If confirmed, this could be the first high ranking Syrian defection:

Children aren’t born hating; as Oscar Hammerstein II noted, “You’ve got to be carefully taught”:

In the appeal to be heard in oral argument today, the attorney for the Holy Land Fund’s co-founder argues, “The United States Agency for International Development—which had strict instructions not to deal with Hamas—provided funds over many years to zakat committees named in the indictment” that brought his client a 65 year internment:

While lauding the restoration of stolen property to non-Muslims, a columnist for Zaman call upon the Turkish government to go the next step:

Torture can be costly. “The crew of one of the jets involved made expenses claims for items such as $20 sandwiches and $40 wine bottles”:

The Internet communique claims the Taliban have learned from the mistakes of the past and promise “to safeguard all national installations, government departments and the advancements that have occurred in the private sector. Professional cadres and national businessmen will be further encouraged, without any discrimination, to serve their religion and their country”:

Iraq’s former PM asks, “Is this really what the United States sacrificed more than 4,000 young men and women, and hundreds of billions of dollars, to build?”

As the rebels tide of conquests continues and even Russia joins the list of foreign powers recognizing the NCT, Gaddafi persists in his defiance, branding the rebels collaborators of neocolonialists who hope to occupy the unoccupiable country:


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