News and Analysis (9/6/11)

“Prosecution lawyers were visibly stunned by the testimony of the witness, Gen. Hussein Moussa, and angrily accused him of changing his story from the affidavit he initially gave prosecutors”:

“Before, I couldn’t say anything in my own home…. “But at least I was safe. I was only afraid of Saddam. It is not like now. Now, you open the door to your home and you could get killed” — Fawzia al-Attiya, “a Shiite Muslim who was interrogated by Iraq’s secret police and lost her job because she would not join the regime’s Baath Party”:

“I hope that all Somali people will forget what has been happening in the country and it is up to us to responsibly lead our society through a peace process and reconciliation” — Somali President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed:

While some engage in a propaganda campaign to convince the public that the army embraces a true Islam compared to a Taliban false one ….

… other believe reconciliation is the only road to peace:

Domestic politics explains why the President, who has visited mosques in Egypt, Turkey and Indonesia hasn’t visited one in America:

Turkey’s PM calls Israel a spoiled child as it continues to refuse to apologize for its piracy on the high seas that led to the death of several (including an American citizen):

As Niger’s foreign minister denies Gaddafi is with the convey en route to the capital city:

“’I don’t think it was a good idea to give her money beyond what was necessary to set her free,’ said Peter Singer, a Princeton University professor who has written extensively about ethics and charity. ‘But once it’s given to her, you can’t really have any expectations on what she does with it'”:

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