News and Analysis (9/12/11)

China offers the U.S. lessons on how to ban Shariah law by “escorting” students to lunch during Ramadan, shutting down the cafeteria  on the feast day, and prohibiting them form going home for the holidays:

Is that a picture of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in the FBI Power point presentation on state-sponsored terrorism? Agents charged with improving relations with the Muslim community don’t know, and that highlights the problem:

“The only winners here are those who spend millions of dollars censoring any criticism of Israel and silencing the voices of children who live every day under military siege and occupation”:

The attack on the Israeli embassy in Egypt further strains relations between the two allies and provides a convenient excuse fo e the Egyptian military to escalate violent repression:

Israeli arrogance remains in place even as it alienates Egypt and Turkey …

… and even as “the U.S. is once again going to the mat for Israel at the United Nations, where Palestinians intend to seek recognition of an independent state in September,” Israel shrugs off the rising discomfort of its most submissive ally:

In the wake of 9/11 some Americans demonstrated Christian love; how an investigation into the smears of the Islamophobes led one Southern Baptist to embrace Islam:

Latest developments in Libya:


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