News and Analysis (11/2/11)

Canadian Shia Imam is beaten up and arrested by Saudi officers while performing Hajj. While officials never confirmed charges or his detention, Atar had given a speech protesting the violence in Bahrain in which he said: “When my children ask me about what I did when I saw people getting killed and oppressed, I do not want to tell them that I stood silently”:

Mahmoud Higab sues the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, claiming that after a year of employment the agency had revoked his clearance due to his marriage to Bushra Nusairat, a program associate at Islamic Relief USA:

Another case of Muslims who prefer avenging the Prophet’s reputation with violence to obeying the Qur’an’s advice “when they hear vain talk they turn away therefrom and say: ‘To us our deeds and to you yours; peace be to you: we seek not the ignorant'”:

“Leading ministers were publicly dropping hints on Tuesday that Israeli could attack Iran, although a member of the forum of eight senior ministers said no such decision had been taken. Senior ministers and diplomats said the International Atomic Energy Agency’s report, due to be released on November 8, will have a decisive effect on the decisions Israel makes”:

The Arab League  “proposal entailed the military withdrawal and the prisoner release, but stopped short of free elections and a new constitution. Rather, the League sought deployment of Arab monitors to the country and that Damascus open a dialogue with the opposition”:
“[An] offer by the influential ‘father of the Taliban’ raises some hope for American attempts to find a negotiated end to the 10-year-old war — not necessarily because he will indeed be brought in as a mediator, but more because it gives a sign that there is a willingness among the Taliban and their allies to talk, something that has been thrown in doubt by months of setbacks in efforts to start negotiations”:

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