News and Analysis (6/6/12)

“We are not thinking of Islamic banks. Islamic banks are cosmetics of conventional banking. We are speaking of Islamic private equity funds, Islamic infrastructure funds, Islamic agriculture funds, Islamic venture capital funds.” — Amr Abou Zeid, adviser to the Nahda program, the MB’s plan to move Egypt’s chrony capitalism toward a free market:

The Islamic Circle of North America conference on “Defending Religious Freedom, Understanding Shariah” included a “well-attended session on business start-ups … a Muslim-American academic arguing that mosques here are ‘failing to make a connection to our young people’ and conceding that “many of our mosques don’t make sisters feel comfortable”:

A  man who “served in Iraq in 2003 to stop the atrocities of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s secret police,” says,  “I didn’t know they had one across the Hudson,’ he said, referring to the NYPD intelligence division” …

… but a Muslim woman is driven to defend the NYPD out of her fear that American “Islamist organizations seek to drown out the complex, heterogeneous and multifaceted community of Muslims in America”:

“A generally accepted definition of civil war is a fight for control of a nation, involving the state, one or more non-state actors, and at least 1,000 battlefield casualties. Sounds like Syria”:

The Indian high court finds a young woman’s right to decide when, whether, and whom to marry without parental consent:

On the heels of the recapture of the Tripoli airport from an armed militia comes the latest consequence of NATO’s destabilization of Libya, an attack on the U.S. embassy office in Benghazi:

His lawyers say they are trying to prove Breivik is sane by showing his views are shared by right-wing fringe types who say, “The constitution has been canceled, we’re at war now,” against Muslim immigrants who, if “they get their will, the Nordic race will be exterminated.” Is this really a sly legal ploy to show that he actually insane?

A Bonn florist says of the Wahabi students’ violent reaction to provocation from extreme nationalists: “I do not feel hate, I do not feel fear, I feel disappointment”:

“Driven by the prospect of unending warfare in an attempt to remake the Muslim world by force,” criticism of Israel has been transformed from intolerable to merely uncomfortable in the eyes of Americans–“with the possible exception of the U.S. Congress”:


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