News and Analysis (8/12/08)

A Muslim land that has recently been a model of good governance and entrepreneurship, now looks forward to a university built by civil society:

The rupee sets “a new low for the second consecutive dayand violence continues as impatience with Musharraf grows:

Don’t hold your breath waiting for U.S. sanctions on companies advancing Israel’s nuclear program:

Although Ahmadinijad’s visit is criticized by America and Israel, analysts say is “about ensuring centuries-old ties during a period of global tensions…”

While a Sunni monarch’s visit to the Shia dominated country seen as a glimmer of hope has a backdrop of violence:

As democracy takes infant steps in Kuwait, the world watches to see if the royal family is above the law …

… while in monarchist Saudi, walking your dog is a punishable offense:

Officials say what Muslim protestors call “an economic blockade by Hindus over a land row began to morph into independence calls” as police fire “across Kashmir a day after a separatist leader was killed by police while trying to lead Muslim traders into Pakistan:”

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