News and Analysis (8/16-17/08)

Sauce for the American gander in far-away Iraq is not for the Russian goose on its border:

As the trial of accused murderers of Americans begin in Sudan …

.. the Americans accused of murdering Iraqis get notice of the approach of their trial:

A Muslim nation joins the space race:

Egyptian women turn to veiling as protection, but it doesn’t seem to help, and Britain claims “more female British tourists were harassed and assaulted, even raped, while in Egypt than in any other country: ”

Hamas accuses Israel of planning to release Abbas loyalists in order to fuel intra-Palestinian quarreling:

Despite sweeping claims of a successful surge, the transfer of Anbar to Iraqi authorities indefinitely postponed last July still is not in site …

… and in Afghanistan, where NATO troops have killed four more civilians, Independence Day will be held in secret due to security concerns:

The army says it will not take sides as Musharraf is given two days to resign before impeachment begins:

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