News and Analysis (8/18/08)

We won’t have Pervez Musharraf to kick around anymore:

Although Saudi women can’t compete in the Olympics because of Wahabi objections to the athletic clothing standards, one Saudi woman parlays her equestrian talents into a positrion on the Saudi Olympic Committee:

Asra Nomani, though saddened by the canceled publication of The Jewel of Medina, is encouraged in the civilized tone of the debate and in the fact that Muslims are taking care to separate their critique of distortions from a desire for censorship:

The U.S. claims Iran’s dummy satellite launch was a failure, but …

Contractors in Iraq cost about the same as troops would, but critics “say the real problem is flexibility and command-and-control over private workers” like the allegations that Blackwater guards illegally “opened fire in a busy Baghdad intersection last September:”

Taliban takes boasts of violence that kills 9 Afghan civilians while asserting that the country is occupied by “cruel crusaders:”

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