News and Analysis (9/12/12)

A heavy arms attack on the U.S. embassy in Libya (the location of America’s most recent military regime change) that resulted in the deaths of four American including a U.S. ambassador …
… linked by unconfirmed reports to an inflammatory online Islamophobic propaganda film by an Israeli-American that also sparked demonstrations in Egypt…
… provoke a Libyan apology, an Israeli denial of connection to the film, Muslim-American condemnations of the violence, defiant reaffirmation of his bigotry by the film’s maker, and political posturing by the Republican presidential candidate, and Vatican insistence on proceeding with planned inter-religious dialog:
He was held for ten years without charge; a judge’s order to release him for insufficient evidence of wrongdoing was overturned; the Supreme Court refused to hear his appeal; and now he’s dead:
“The memorial denies discrimination, saying Hamdani was no longer an active cadet when he was killed,” but the mother of the young Muslim who gave his life despite NOT being on active duty says,  “They are discriminating because of his faith”:
“[T]he court said the lawyer was not personally harmed by the movies and had no standing to sue”:
Poor timing; Westerners are tired of war, but the Taliban are not ready for peace:
The “Syrian general who was the first member of Assad’s inner circle to join the opposition, said the rebels need weapons” but “many in the opposition are deeply suspicious of Tlass, saying he is just trying to vault to power” as he tours “regional powers to garner support for the uprising”:
“[T]he reality is that the cherished friendship is no more than a fairy tale … propagated by politicians to mask the suspicion – and plentiful examples of duplicity and betrayal – that have marked the relationship since Israel’s founding”:

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