News and Analysis (10/2/20)

Israeli murdered an unarmed autistic man and made 442 people homeless during the pandemic, demolishing “389 … homes and other structures in the West Bank, the majority for lacking building permits that Israeli authorities make virtually impossible to obtain”:

Over one “thousand academics and lawyers call on academic and government institutions around the world to cease subjecting those defending justice for Palestinians to censorship and penalisation” through the conflation of anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism:

“[T]he Taliban’s choice of negotiators provides a glimpse into the movement’s vision for Afghanistan’s future”:

“For the longest time, Muslims have held onto the view that they don’t see race, which pushes aside important conversations needed around anti-Blackness that exists in the Muslim community, which dismisses our struggles and also our achievements”:

Despite the author’s “largely nonjudgmental view of Noble Drew Ali (1886-1929), the controversial founder of the Moorish Science Temple of America, a forerunner of the Nation of Islam …, Ali emerges as a con artist of unusual audacity”:

Iran offers to mediate between Armenia and Azerbaijan, as Rouhani declares, “Our region can no longer take instability and new wars”:

It “is unlikely that [Pakistan] will continue to moderate its engagement with [Iran and Turkey] in deference to Saudi Arabia”:

“In a consent order, Emirates said it doesn’t believe the violation deserves enforcement action but agreed to the fine to settle the matter”:

“What a joy in these trying times to see that #MsMarvel (a Pakistani American teen superhero!) has cast its lead role, a young actress named Iman Vellani! I can’t wait to see the show!” — Mindy Kaling

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