News and Analysis (11/3/20)

Across the U.S., the number of Muslim candidates has risen almost 30% since 2018. Muslim leaders in the San Francisco Bay area agree that behind Muslim civic engagement is the principle that “any injustice toward anyone is an injustice toward all”:

Pollsters believe that Israeli-Americans are voting for Trump, but Palestinian Americans in Jerusalem fear voting will flag their U.S. citizenship causing them to be “stripped of their Israeli residency rights in the city”:

“The Chinese government often accuse Uyghurs like my father for being two-faced or being separatists. If they are in even higher positions like my father, they would be accused of abusing power to seek profit” — Subi Mamat Yuksel:

“[P]rotesters were chanting slogans including ‘We want freedom’ and ‘Go India, go back’. No one was reported wounded in the clashes” that erupted after the assassination:

Not a single instance of wars justified “in the name of protecting national interest, exporting democracy, promoting free-market economic development, and protecting human rights” has “improved the long-term US national security, let alone the security of Middle Easterners”:

Iran is now the worst hit nation in the Middle East, with almost one-third the reported per capita daily Covid infection rate of the U.S.:

“It is distressing to see J&K steep so low on administrative performance published in Public Affairs Index 2020, in spite of the bluster of the incumbent J&K government on governance” NC provincial president Nasir Aslam Wani:

“[W]hile election security officials had expected an uptick in foreign activity ahead of Tuesday, the Department of Homeland Security’s top cyber official, Chris Krebs, told CNN that things have remained relatively calm with the exception of some ransomware attacks”:

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