News and Analysis (12/13-14/08)

“The United States government has in place neither the policies and technical capacity nor the organizational structure that would be needed to undertake such a program on anything approaching this scale”:

Iranian court grants a woman’s demand of “an eye for eye” for the man who threw acid in her face:

… while Iraqi families’ hopes for justice in the Blackwater case rise and fall due to what an anonymous Iraqi official calls their unfamiliarity “with American legal procedures:”

Election turnout  “reasojnably high” despite majority Muslims protest in Hindu-ruled Kashmir:

Pakistan remains on high alert after India “inadvertently” crossed into Pakistani airspace:

Maliki says “training and mentoring teams” will not stay past 2011:

An Al Jazeera’s correspondent reports that Gazans feel they have gained very little and remain skeptical of truce with Israel:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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