News and Analysis (12/15/08)

Iraqi security forces detain journalist, holding his shoes as evidence:

“The (U.S. military) detention is the worst possible example for a criminal justice system”:

Sayyed Imam, “whose ideas help shape Al Qaeda’s ideology” now condemns the group as “a corrupt, wayward school [of Islamic thinking] to justify excess in shedding blood”:

Dissenting with the exiled Khaled Mashal, Hamas’s co-founder Mahmoud Zahar wisely leaves the possibility extending the truce with Israel open:

Almost 11,000 Palestinians remain in Israeli custody and none of the freed, most of whom are Fatah fighters, are affiliated with Hamas:

“Three-quarters of the most serious terrorist plots investigated by the British authorities have links to al-Qaeda in Pakistan,” – British Prime Minister Gordon Brown


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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